THE Final Round 2022 (Archdale, NC): 2022, December 31 - 2022 Update Post 479

You are cordially invited to THE Final Round of the year; presented by most fun 5900 yards in golf. Come enjoy some southern hospitality, a roll of the dice on the weather, and the best way to bring in the new year!

Last year we had 40 folks brave some crazy rain at Tobacco Road for a NYE round that would have impressed even the craziest of sickos. This year we decided to up the game, and leave the drivers at home (you don’t actually have to leave them at home, just some shorter golf courses). We are taking our talents down the road to the Pinehurst Resort where The Cradle and No. 3 are awaiting us with open arms.

The key details you need to know for now:

  • Rooms will be available at the Carolina hotel - $199 and Holly Inn - $169 (price per room)
  • 2 day, 2 round, 60 person event, $110 for golf
    • 12/30/21 - Cradle, 60 players, tee times 2:36 PM - 3:57 PM ($50)
    • 12/31/21 - No. 3, 60 players, tee times 9:04 AM - 10:56 AM ($60)
  • We will have two person teams (randomly selected) for the competition aspect, more to come as we get closer to the event
  • Filling out the form below gets you a spot on the list and we will use those timestamps for priority order.

Please use this THE Final Round 2021 form to indicate your interest

And of course, if you need to brush up on your course knowledge, we of course have some content for you:

  • NLU’s Wild World of Golf: The Cradle at Pinehurst - Wild World of Golf returns at The Cradle at Pinehurst with a new format, and some new competitors. Local caddie Joe Zwickl and Tron Carter team up against Neil and the unofficial president of The Refuge, Laz Verzalles. Players will be using a different club on every hole at the par-3 course here at Pinehurst.
  • Tourist Sauce (Carolinas): Episode 6, Pinehurst No. 3 - Weighing in at just 5,100 yards, Pinehurst No. 3 is a course that’s not as often talked about, but it can have the same kind of bite as its more famous counterparts.

Big shout out to @Double_Bogey_Dave for the assist on coordination and communication with the fine folks at Pinehurst.


Glad we are playing a real course this year.


I was actually looking forward to getting back to TR and playing it without rivers running through the greens.

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Is both days or none? Or can we only participate in one day?

Fourth time to the Sandhills this year. Who’s living well?


Going to start questioning your tax status spending all these days in NC.


Oh yes, I have it here…“Broke and utterly carefree”. I love you guys, I won’t miss this stuff.


I’m in.

The goal is the same 60 participants in both rounds, but we could possibly discuss more later if not possible.


Is anyone considering bringing a (non-golfing) SO to this? With the fairly small time commitment compared to other events. I was thinking of asking my wife if she wants to come. I thought she could hang / walk along / drink on the Cradle and then hit the spa the next day while I play #3.

She would definitely be more into that if there were others doing something similar.


I think a number of people will be going a similar route.

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That sounds better than the golf option in all honesty


up for a couples massage?


I’m planning to bring my wife and kids. Being a holiday I think I’ll make this half golf/half family trip.

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Like a you do me, I do you scenario?


I’d prefer we lay on separate tables but close enough to hold hands.



This is my thoughts on how to get her to agree to me going

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I’m sure I could look this up, but does anyone know if the Pinehurst resort does anything special for NYE?

@tdogg21, WE are the something special!

But in all seriousness I am not sure, but know this could be a great time to have a little get together planned!

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