The Donnybrook v2 @ Pinehurst Resort 10/7-10/10 (REGISTRATION IS OPEN - info at post 31)

I had such an incredible time this past weekend! I didn’t know any of you before I came down but immediately felt included by everyone I met. It was great times, with great people, on some really great golf courses. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and hanging out at future NLU events! I’ll also be extremely disappointed if I don’t get into this event again next year.



It was great to meet you Kevin!


So… how many of you would actually be interested in doing an annual/semi annual buddies trip now???


Seminole next. Make it happen, Dennis! :joy:


Already do a couple…need to add a couple more!

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Noted! :joy:

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Crazy the trip is over now

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If you want more Pinehurst, join us on 12/30 and 12/31.


@KVV what club memberships would the characters of succession have? :joy::joy::joy:


This is such a great question and I want to take some time with it to answer.


Key on the “s” cause you know Logan is a member of multiple.

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Decided to answer this in the Succession thread.


After taking a short vacation with a certain podcasting mid am to Florida my 6 iron has made it home to New Orleans.


I found myself reflecting over the Donnybrook and hanging out with you all and KVV’s sentiment of “I am just grateful I found my tribe”. That reflection along with a couple glasses of bourbon led to me opening up my blog and spilling a bunch of thoughts and feelings out about the weekend and The Refuge as a whole. Don’t expect writing as poetic as that of the aforementioned KVV, but I wanted to share it with y’all because y’all are the reason it was written.


Great stuff Ben!

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Excellent read there Ben. Thanks for sharing!

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I wrote this awhile ago. Inspired by @KVV and @LivingLagunaLoca. Wasn’t sure if I was going to share because I am no where near the linguist they are. But here it goes

Golf. A four letter word that, at times, has invoked a few other four letter words from me. My relationship with the game has had it’s ups and downs. But it’s has led me to a truly special group of people.

Full disclosure, when I joined the Refuge it was a bit intimidating. Where should I jump in? How do you find a group?

Timing wise I couldn’t find a good event to join but then I saw the Donnybrook. An event in Pinehurst, NC about 2 hours from where I am in Wilmington, NC. I joined the lottery and fortunately got in.

I showed up at Southern Pines Golf Club on a Thursday morning in October with no expectations but a delightful Kyle Franz restoration ahead of me. My expectations were exceeded. Not by the course (the course was phenomenal) but with members from the Refuge that I had the privilege of playing with. Mr. Bob, Dennis the Cheetah and the Roomie Ben G. It was a great 4 ball full of laughs, music, and great conversation.

#4 at Pinehurst was an interesting day. Golf wise I was in the wilderness but company wise it was a delightful walk. My caddy Pat was a trip in the best possible way. The Merch Czar lived up to the legend by making 7 birdies and two triples. Jeff threw around big bets and was Shawn popping? Of course Shawn was popping!

#2. I woke up fighting some demons. The S word was prevalent but we pushed through. This was the second time I’ve play this legendary loop and couldn’t have asked for a better day. I played with Jamie who was still VIBING from the previous weekend and with Mrs. Quota Melanie. I couldn’t help but cheer her on as she pushed for another NIT spot.

Reading back on all of that makes me take a step back. Because I think I missed the point. All of these Refuges came together from all over because of golf, but it was about #morethangolf that weekend. It was about a bunch of guis and gals coming together to share a drink at the Pinecrest Inn. To share a laugh about our Skins game on the Cradle. To share a bond at the Pinehurst Brewery over tequila shots and wild bets. At the Donnybrook I made friends for life and, despite my best attempt, memories I will never forget.

To all Refuges I met that weekend and hopefully will meet in the future I say cheers.

Cc. Jeff and Pat - Tequila shots on me next time




You probably didn’t sign up for a friend for life when you entered the Donnybrook raffle, but you’ve got one in me roomie.