THE Final Round 2022 (Archdale, NC): 2022, December 31 - 2022 Update Post 479

The resort does have a NYE party

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You might be on to something there!!

Listen, if you can figure out a way to sell that to my wife and kids, I’m all for it. But if I can sell this as a holiday vacation that I play some golf, it’s a slam dunk.

@Double_Bogey_Dave do you know if any of it is somewhat kid friendly? I don’t need it to be a kids event, just something kids are allowed and not being looked down at.

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This sounds amazing! in.

I’m honestly not sure what it’s like, I’ll look into it to see what the deal is.

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Put myself on the list, NYE plans still fluid. My folks are in SC and we haven’t seen them in a couple years, so will try to convince the wifey of a vacay…

Count me in sounds like a blast. May be interested in bringing another golfer with me as well and introduce him to the refuge

Another push here.

Come on in the water is nice for the first event on the “2022 NIT Qualification” Schedule - Master Event Schedule - Google Sheets

Use the google form in the opening post to sign up for the best event to end the year.

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I threw my name in this initially but forgot about a vacation planned at this time. If you can go ahead and remove me that’d be great. Don’t want a forgot I signed up situation down the line…

Went ahead and put my name in. Don’t have a trip planned out to Pinehurst at the moment for this year and this would be tons of fun. Also could be a fun thing to get my dad involved in (Who has thought about joining the Nest, hasn’t yet)


We are certainly open to non nesticles!

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I put my name in because my family likes to go up there for New Year’s. Not sure if I’m gonna make it this year, but put me as interested and will see as we get closer.


Almost all of you who have signed up via the form got a message this AM, but for those who haven’t signed up yet, or are looking for the extra push here is the message that went out this morning. Things are moving forward! Jump on in the water is nice.

Good Morning folks,

I am writing to you because you were the ones interested in lodging for THE Final Round 2021 Refuge event. Good news is we have a link and you can start booking now!

Refuge room block:

You can use the link above if booking one night, if you would like additional rooms, just call the number provided and mention No Laying Up Refuge when booking.

Important reminder: unlike most Pinehurst stays the price is by the room and not per person, so if people are sharing a room, only one needs to call.

When you stay at the resort you will also have the option to add golf to your reservation / stay outside of the Refuge event rounds. If you want to add #1, #3, or #5 to the reservation it’s $60. If you want #2 it’s $280, 4 is $220 and the others are $150.

Make sure to keep on checking out the refuge thread for updates, or to coordinate rooming with folks. DBD already shared, but if this tweet doesn’t get you fired up I don’t know what will!



Can we figure out some New Year’s Day golf? If we’re not dead of the Covid, you wanna have a New Year’s Eve party?

It’s a long way to drive to play once. I mean, I’m going to do it, but it’s a long way to drive to play once.


I was planning on starting 22 off right, and playing No. 2 on New Year’s but they cant book a round on 2 or 4 until 30 days out so I will be calling in december to set that up


I’m very in on this

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Yes and yes.

Why don’t you join us on #3 on NYE and play #2 on New Years day? If booking through this event you should be able to book #2 on New Years day. If they don’t let you, DM me and I’ll see what I can do.


I am very in on both of these things.


I abhor New Year’s Eve and everything associated with it (mostly owing to my hospitality days, but also just to the fact that it’s stupid). This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for anything having to do with it. Mudders rejoice. I’m in.