The Donnybrook v2 @ Pinehurst Resort 10/7-10/10 (REGISTRATION IS OPEN - info at post 31)

Finally catching on why the @MerchCzar was calling me Big Tone by the end of the trip since I finished runner-up (to him). Little do we forget, Finau won the Northern Trust, so find a new slant!

Ps. Congrats on the (limited field) win, Neil!

In all seriousness, thanks for an awesome event and weekend @Privatecollection @MerchCzar. Incredible group of guys and gals to hang with both on and off the course.

Plenty of on the course highlights but to share a couple off the course: 1. Literally sharing the last peach cobbler available at the Holly Inn Tavern with @Soly and @KVV (delicious I might add - props to the @Commish, @lbrowne96 & Co for the rec). And 2. Watching @barnabyjones let the entire Deuce bar know that Texas is officially not back.

Had an absolute blast - one I won’t forget. Pinehurst always delivers.

Cheers to the next one!



A quick note. Had such a fabulous time this weekend. To be among people again — to laugh, to tease, to root on, to commiserate, to celebrate with strangers who quickly become friends — is such a gift. I was thinking on the drive home what it means to be a small part of this NLU universe.

Golf can be such a polarizing endeavor, flawed for reasons too numerous to list here. But it also, at least for me, has always felt like the one sport where community means more than the actual results. I think other sports want this to be true, but only in golf it it actually true. I do not believe weekend pick-up basketball players or friendly-but-competitive fast pitch softball players (just to name two examples) would embrace each other the way we do when someone is deeeeeeep in their process, and still struggling, trying to enjoy the walk anyway. I don’t put too much stock in the whole “gentleman’s game” and “game of honor” bullshit, but I do believe (deeply) in celebrating other people’s successes and joys on the golf course. And I saw so much of that this weekend.

Every time I see my truly gross golf swing captured in still frame or in video, it’s impossible to imagine that anyone would ever want to play golf with me. That they would find it, on some level, fun. But gatherings like this are a nice nod to what I believe: This thing we have — whatever it is, perhaps words can’t properly define it — is our tribe.

Other people may have their own tribes, and they might be louder and larger and more bro-ish, and that’s cool too. I don’t want to be a member of what they do, or associated with what they stand for, but I don’t wish them ill.

I am just grateful I found my tribe. Thank you for welcoming me into it. The last two years have been dark for reasons big and small. It is a pleasure to reemerge, with full throated laughter, back into the light.


Well said. Cheers @KVV


Didn’t realize you had binoculars on me this weekend @KVV. :joy:


Awee, @KVV you are the best!


@KVV - if you’ve come this far, perhaps you’re willing to go a little further…

And by that I mean back to PH for some New Year’s fun.

Come one, come all Donnybrookers. Rooms available. (Check most recent post from @Double_Bogey_Dave for updates).


This speaks to me extremely loudly. I suck, my swing is garbage yet these fellow tribe members welcome me with open arms and make me feel more than just present. They make me feel included. Thank you for capturing what this place means to me also.


That is blasphemy. You have one of the most unique swings I’ve seen and it rocks!


Thank you proving my point.


I often think that @kvv should quit his day job and become a writer.


Told her I bought her a golf shirt and she demanded we go to the golf course.



Can we do this again next weekend?


I’m happy to once my feet aren’t swollen anymore.


Big shoutout to True Linkswear for keeping my feet very comfortable all week long. Was quite concerned prior to the week. Highly recommend!


I’m down! But after two consecutive weekends in NC, I’m not sure my wife and family would be quite as excited. haha.

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Cannot say the same for my Adidas

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HUGE weekend…exceeded all expectations. Big Thanks to @Privatecollection , @Soly @MerchCzar and @Cody for making everything happen.

Pinehurst is a very special place to me for many reasons. This was my first trip there without being the organizer. I may never organize another trip again!

Enjoyed seeing a bunch of familiar players and meeting several new ones. The loop around the Cradle was a blast.


I had such an incredible time this past weekend! I didn’t know any of you before I came down but immediately felt included by everyone I met. It was great times, with great people, on some really great golf courses. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again and hanging out at future NLU events! I’ll also be extremely disappointed if I don’t get into this event again next year.