NIT (Jax Beach, FL): 2021, Nov. 4-7 - Lauren Walks Away Champ Of The Great NIT Tough Scene Bowl


@JScore, those thighs are doing something to me.


The 7" inseam helps downplay my chicken legs.


He worse shorts during Friday’s round. Truly a menace.


This is my new Lock Screen photo


I have tried for 30 minutes to figure out how to get some pics uploaded with this, but it hasn’t worked so I’ll try to get those up after…

I am not a save the best for last kind of guy, so let’s start out with the star of the show @Privatecollection - amazing work. It was truly an honor to attend and watch a master at work. And I owe you an apology because when we met at checkin I was immediately recognized as “the guy with the handle that doesn’t fit on anything”… hand up, that’s on me.

I would be remiss if I did not shout out the CLC. I found this crew back in March 2020 at the “Swig and Swing” and the rest is history. The introduction / timing coincided with my golf game (and the world) getting flipped upside down. Its a good little group that has a WhatsApp that gets a little wild every now and then, but ultimately we are good fun. You can always get a game, water pressure is great, and it really is a group that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Also shameless plug, we have an insta chatham_lawn_club. I tried to capture a bunch of content this weekend and we keep it rolling throughout the year, come relive the memories in our “highlights”

Next up, the mudders. I love y’all. I didn’t know I could feel so at home with a group of crazy people. This is why golf is the freaking best. Also, I have never felt better than letting the whole group know we would NOT be playing quota for a rhapsodo, but rather go just have fun and find a crew for a match. It gave us the opportunity to hand @JamesHCard his only L for the weekend, but alas I think he got the last laugh.

Last, but not least of course, shout out to my driving partner, roommate and hitter @pluds26. We have gotten to play a lot of golf together over the past year and it is always a pleasure to see what controlled speed can actually look like. The legend will live on about @LPondgolf’s drive on 17 during the 3 hole final, and deservingly so, but I need to make sure the birdie my hitter had gets called out appropriately. 4iron to pin high left led to a smooth flop over the bunker to about 18 inches. I know there is a lot of hyperbole out here, but it was the most jacked up I have ever been for a golf shot. It was a blast to be on the bag and an experience I hope to have again in the future.

Cheers to all the great memories and see you all at THE Final Round to make even more of 'em!



The Mudders:

Caddy Time:


Finally back from Florida and the NIT and just wanted to stop in and continue to pile on the thank yous and praise for @Privatecollection for putting on such a great event. Even though the nor’easter washed out a lot of the golf, the cart barn hangs were really fun. Getting a lot more time to talk with and hang with the other participants (and play cornhole, 6-5-4, glowball, drinking fruit smashes) was really fun. As long as there are good people around, the activity kind of doesn’t matter!!

Also shout outs to the other two gals in the field - @LPondgolf (CHAMP!!!) and @AmandatoryGolfFriday. We tripled the females in the field year over year!! Woooo hooo! (Amanda, we gotta work on our “stuck in the middle” golf events idea lol).

Lastly thanks again to all the NLU crew for bringing this community together in the first place. If I hadn’t somehow stumbled across and started listening to the NLU pod back in 2017 (then subsequently sign up for the refuge) it would be hard to imagine what life would look like. Stoked to have all you sickos in my life!


Without getting too deep into it, I’ve been struggling with a lot of things lately, and I really needed something good, which was the NIT.

I’m so thankful to be a part of this community and for the friends I’ve made over the last few years.

Big shoutout to @Privatecollection and @Randy for the tremendous amount of work in pulling it together and rolling with the punches dealt by Mother Nature. Would be remiss if I didn’t mention the event planners who worked their tails off to put together so many good events and raise so much for charity.

Was so good seeing many of you again and meeting just as many in person for the first time. It speaks volumes about this community in how everyone dealt with the disappointing weather, and managed to have so much fun hanging in the cart barn. Clickety Clack

Congratulations to @LPondgolf for taking the title and carrying it over into Monday qualifying. A truly worthy champion of this band of misfits.


Had a great time with you and everyone else in the house. This past weekend really shows that this community is about more than just getting together to play golf. Everybody took the bad weather in stride and, from what I could tell, had just as much, if not more, fun anyway.

Huge props to @Privatecollection for all her work and of course to all the guys. It was pretty remarkable how smoothly the Plan Bs, Cs, Ds, and Es were able to run when we got to them.


Speaking of plan E…you boys are in TROUBLE next year.


did you add a 27" RCA tube tv with that order?


Nice! I picked that up on an impulse Black Friday buy a few years ago. Definitely a fun time with groups of friends.

I want one hahahah

I’ve had that thing for several years now, And I still got bounced in the first round of the tournament 3&2 by @AirMailWedges.


I was done before I started. @OliveLoaf slapping in an ace off the jump against me was quite impressive. (Bastard) :smiley:


Man, first that, and then you and I running into the @MattyB / @Soly buzzsaw in the second round of the Bags Tourney?!? Sheesh, Lady Luck was not on your side brother. I’m sure the 3:00 AM wakeup Sunday morning made it all better though, right?


LOL, all things considered the early wake-up call wasn’t too bad. I just hope I didn’t wake you or @JamesHCard up while I was getting ready.

Yeah, @soly and @MattyB put it to us. After our first match I thought we had a chance. Rub of the green man.



Delta House Flight is dangerous enough to battle on the golf course and shoot the occasional 83, but far more dangerous after the round to drink 83 Miller Lite’s.