Roll Call: Indiana - Old Broken Bucket registration #1309 -

What are the odds that we would both be from the same place? Born and raised in Lafayette and went to Purdue. Now live on the west coast….

I’m back to Indy now though. The bay area definitely reinvigorated my passion for golf, and now I’m tortured by living in a place that I can’t golf year round.

Just moved to a house off the 8th hole of my home club though, so it’s definitely not all bad. At the rate I was going I wasn’t going to purchase property in the bay area until I was about 40.

Good stuff. I’m in WA state for the next few years but we’ll likely end up back in the area at some point. All of our family is still in Lafayette.

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Hey guys, reporting in from Kansas City but will be in town for the race MDW. It looks like The Fort and a couple other courses up north near Carmel are common favorites, along with maybe Eagle Creek?

I’m there with my family so will probably be looking for something pretty playable, which maybe The Fort doesn’t fit that description? If not, any recs on a nice, fun track where you can spray it around a little bit? My dad is getting back into the game but can still swing it so we’ll be happy to pay up and still go to a decent course.

Staying in the Fountain Square neighborhood but location not a huge deal. Also appreciate any suggestions on things to do around there. Looks like a somewhat up-and-coming neighborhood close to downtown. Thanks

Eagle Creek and Golf Club of Indiana would be good candidates for playability. There’s also a little 9 hole track close to downtown called Buffer Park that is always in great shape.

My wife and I live in the Old Southside right next to Fountain Square, so can provide any rec’s depending on what you’re looking for: coffee shops, breweries, food, let me know. Speedway’s got good options for people watching by the track too.

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Anything good on the way from Louisville to French Lick? I obviously know about the ones close by Louisville like Chariot Run, Covered Bridge, etc. but was looking to see if there was somewhere we’d want to play on the way there before we play the Ross and Sultan’s Run. We could do the Valley Course but looking to see what other, better options there might be.

I know @Douger23 haz thrown out some courses down there, he’s got the hookup in Southern Indiana so tapping him in for ya

I would highly recommend Christmas Lake I Santa Clause! I haven’t played there in a few years, but it’s always been good! It’s not to far south west of Jasper where Sultans is. Closeish to 64 too.

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Depending on your arrival and departure, you might want to see if Brickyard Crossing is available, especially if you’re a race fan.

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Come play in a Refuge event at a course featured on Tourist Sauce: Michigan. There’s still time to sign up!

Cross posting this from the Kentucky thread. If anyone in central or southern Indiana wants to make a road trip, feel free to hit myself or @leftysauce up!

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Hey y’all, putting out a call for anyone that’s interested in connecting more and even a potential Roost in 2022-2023! We don’t really have a fresh Indiana roster so check out the Google Sheet attached and get involved. I took the one from earlier in the thread and copied names over but cleared out everything else so double check that you’re in there.

Since our state is so spread out I split it into 5 regions that are labeled in the “Regions” tab. These are arbitrary but I tried to keep it ~2 hours from East/West and North/South for each region. Thinking this will help us get playing partners together and help set up future Roost events.

Last tab is putting out a call for potential Roost names. We’ve got a couple already populated so drop any more in there and vote if you’ve got a favorite. Anyone with artistic abilities please reach out to talk logos!

Looking forward to connecting with more of y’all and hopefully getting this Roost off the ground!


Come to Detroit and play a shit ton of golf next week! The rack, umgc, a bunch of refugees. How can you beat it!

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Fore! Greetings all, been a lurker for a while finally decided to chip the boys off some and become a Nest member.
Looking to get out and active locally, I live on the north side of Ft Wayne, in Huntertown. Play most of my golf up at Noble Hawk, played in the Tin Cup league there with my father in law the past 3 years. My golf game is consistently inconsistent, the scramble format up there keeps it fun but serious at the same time.
Going through a bit of an “expectation” makeover this season, recently trimmed the bag down to half set, hoping to find the joy in hitting shots rather then focusing completely on adding up scores. Looking to walk more and ride less, stop and smell the zoysia if you will.
I’m 41, married, 3 daughters… work in outside sales so my schedule is pretty fluid, travel just about the entire northern half of the state regularly. Love EVERYTHING NLU and would love even more to take a stroll and hit some wipey fades with some of you.
I’ve added my info to the Indiana spreadsheet and @BDeck25 I’m pretty handy with a pencil as it turns out, let me know what direction you’d like to go with a logo, I’ll gladly take crack at it.


Was just up at NH for the Pinehurst format, had a blast. Always willing to travel so don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re looking for a game. Welcome to the Nest!

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Welcome in! Glad to have ya join and looking forward to getting out with you sometime. Once we get a little closer on names I’ll reach out and get that pencil flying.

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Bumping this again since we’ve had some new folks filter in the past couple weeks. Got a couple Indiana members planning on driving up so would be good to meet some of y’all!

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Had the chance to get out with my newly-minted IU grad yesterday at Hickory Stick. Was a little windy and played craptastically on the front side, in particular. Not a great scene since I had bragged to him about my wind-aided drive through the green on #1 (328 yards) the last time I played there.

Played a bit better on the back, leading to the 13th hole. The wind direction was perfect on this hole, pretty much running down the fairway after the dogleg straight to the hole.

Well, I could not have hit a better shot, center-cut draw to line up with the dogleg… only to be met with this when we finally found my ball.

I had noted the cener-line shit down the fairway but hadn’t worried about it. Arccos measured the drive at 315 yards, and since it also bounded up the hill, I would have loved to see how far it would have rolled out in the fairway.

Managed to baseball swing it close and got up and down for the birdie, though.

I still suck at golf, but do have my moments of brilliance.


What up y’all! We have an event at Diamond Springs on the 6th if anyone can make it, that’d be sweet. Hope to see some of y’all out there!


Hey, thanks for the invite! I’d be happy to drive up from the Fort to play and make this my first NLU related outing… added my info to the doc. I notice you mentioned it being a good walk, I assume I’ll be allowed to walk?
(Not sure how these things work, happy ride as well, but always think a walk is the best way to soak up a place.)

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