Roll Call: Kentucky

I’m headed down to Richmond for a wedding next weekend, staying Friday night in Berea. Not sure if I’ll be able to sneak away and golf, but I’m looking at Gibson Bay, or looks like there is a single course in Berea. Anybody familiar with either place? I’d likely try and sneak out as early as they’d let me, so hopefully like 6-6:30.

I am from Richmond. Gibson is your best option. Boone’s Trace is also fun, but its on the north side of Richmond, so not great if you’re staying in Berea. Battlefield would be your closest option, and is a fun little course, but Gibson Bay is the next level up.

Check out Dreaming Creek Brewery if you’re in need of a libation after your round!

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Coming to Lexington in a couple of weeks for a quick golf trip. Got: Kearny Hills, Gibson Bay (Fin Scooters) and Boone National lined up. Can’t decide between Griffin Gate and Big Blue for the last round, any thoughts?

If it’s May 22, you can always come join us down at Park Mammoth!

My vote would be Big Blue, with the sole factor of I don’t like having residences in play on a golf course.

Also, love a good university course. Many memories of joining members of the Transylvania University golf team, pretending to be on the team in order to walk for free at Big Blue.


Hey everyone, cross posting from the Indiana thread if any of you Kentucky sickos want to get involved with southern Indiana!

Come to Detroit and play a shit ton of golf next week!

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Going to head to Buffalo Trace to restock. Any courses close to consider?

In between Louisville and Georgetown is tough for golf. Frankfort is kind of a dead zone for golf based on my experience. Juniper Hill is close, but is just okay.

If you’re continuing on south a few miles, I’ve always like Canewood and hear good things about Cherry Blossom in Georgetown.

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Thanks! Actually coming from NKY/cinci area so those will be some good options right on the way

Thanks guys for the advice I was leaning towards Griffins Gate but Big Blue is sounding pretty intriguing now.

It was last time the metro was there…

I am in Lexington this week for work and was thinking about playing Big Blue tomorrow. I called and asked how the greens were and he said “not bad”. Doesn’t sound promising lol. He said it has been 10 days so you must have got there the day after they punched them. Wondering if I should risk it or just head elsewhere. Playing Kearny this afternoon.

Based on how many people recommended it to me, I’ll bet they have the greens in better shape now so it should be good for you. Wish we were able to play Kearny when we were there, it was booked for an outing.

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Lot of rain AND sunshine the last week here in central KY. I would assume if they were done 10 days ago like you said, then they should be pretty close to all the way back.


That rain and sunshine made for some US Open style rough at Kearney yesterday but man did I have a blast. Rented a push cart and walked 18 solo at 4:30 yesterday. Played in 3 hours after getting held up a bit on a few holes but damn was that a fun course. I was planning on Big Blue this afternoon but looks like tee times got snatched up so I booked Griffin Gate. Looks like tomorrow will be either Big Blue or Boone Trace (or go back to Kearney). I am staying/ working southeast of Lexington in the Hamburg area. Also looking for good post round restaurant/bar suggestions for good food and cold beer.

Hey All,

I am playing at U Club Wildcat Course on Saturday 1:16 PM. There are still 2 tee times available on GolfNow if anyone else wants to join.

@Moomba and I are playing a match for the OATW matchplay.

Hey all, Chicago gui here dropping in. I’m passing through Louisville on the Monday of MDW and have time for exactly one round in the Louisville area. Driving from Cincy to St. Louis but have all day to it. Any recs for a public round along 71 or 64? Willing to spend if it’s worth it - thanks!

I am halfway between the two and would be happy to host you at my home course roughly 15–20 minutes off of 64 in Evansville, IN.


Lassing Pointe on the way out of cinci could be a good option unless you are looking to break up the trip more…. Great layout but county run and bunkers are shit right now