NIT Qualifier Hoosier Day @ Harrison Hills Golf Club & Purdue Golf Complex 6/25 - 6/26

Folks Folks… Here we go. Drop your info in here. I’m sure this will change a bit as we go.

  1. cost is TBD last year was around $250 I would expect something similar this year maybe a shade more
  2. I’m working on getting us access to the pool @ HH between rounds. Probably going to add about $10 to your cost if you choose yes. For those that attended last year… Twas hot.
  3. I am looking at other charity situations
  4. Going to try and do a raffle to benefit charity. Tickets will be out once I get an idea of some prizes.
  5. if you have someone that isn’t on the refuge that wants to come, refugees get first dibs but I don’t think we will have any issue getting people in.

If I missed something, feel free to make changes/let me know and I can make changes. I had a blast having everyone out to some of my favorite spots in Indiana hopeful to get more this year!