Roost Roll Call

I’d also encourage the IN folks to consider getting a roost together for the 2022-2023 series, seems like there is enough movement in IN to make that happen.


Yep I’ve linked up with HCC and Ohio Against the World just to get all the options we can. Trying to revive the Indiana Roll Call to get folks connected but I’m down for an individual round anytime @SvenPaterson !


Going to slide in the DMs to see how to get that rolling…


Welcome, Harry. The best place on the Refuge to meet others from DFW is here. Feel free to introduce yourself.

A thread for the Texas folks - Community Center - No Laying Up

If you want to meet the DFW folks and get a round in, the best place to start is to join our WhatsApp chat - there are spots open to join pretty much every week:

If you want to join our “Roost,” which we call “Big Plex,” fill out your information here:

Big Plex Roost/Local Chapter - Google Sheets

Most of our bigger events and season long competitions are already underway, but we are working to get some more events on the calendar. I would recommend trying to get involved by joining some casual rounds with us in the area, and then signing up when we have our next event(s). It may take a sec to get the lay of the land or sort through the inside jokes, but it’s a great group of people and you can easily find a round in Dallas with us, including at the courses you regularly play.


New people looking to #getinvolved?!

Come play Detroit with us next week, also UMGC of tourist sauce fame on Friday as well!


Ask and you shall receive… @SvenPaterson @auribe14 @Douger23


@papateeps :eyes:



I mean….same. Lol


Findlay is our farthest north and east but we have a decent amount of Toledo


Who the hell else is up here?! God people must not like me hahaha


I live in Houston, TX. Can you help me get connected with the local Roost?


Sarasota, Florida resident looking for a roost. Assuming it’s Splash of OJ?


Yessir, slide into the DM’s and I’ll get ya squared away

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@Jdonelson can get you set up with the Southern Texas Roost of Hospitality (STROH’s)

Thank you! @Jdonelson please let me know the next time ya’ll play. Im in the Houston area, would love to join!

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@TTaschner have we got a deal for you! Team Houston (captain @jsteve15 ) needs players this coming weekend for the second annual Texas Cup at Pine Dunes. Event thread is here = 2022 NLU Texas Cup (Frankston, TX): 2022, May 13-15 - Still at Pine Dunes - Signup Post #77 - #656 by clktex, has all the details.

Practice round friday, 36 holes saturday (fourballs and scotch foursomes), then singles matches Sunday AM. Rooms Fri and Sat, and breakfast + lunch Sat and Sun all included.

We’d love to have you join us.

Actually, to this whole thread, that’s an open invite. Ping @jsteve15 if you think you could come play!


I’m in the Ohio Against The World roost for now.

That’s awesome!! I am playing Pasatiempo for the first time this weekend out in CA. I already have everything booked so its too late for me to back out.

Please keep me posted on the next event / meet up. I really want to get involved in the local Roost. I’m also happy to host some folks at Champions soon.

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New to the nest. Wondering if there is a roost in the St. Louis, MO area.