Charity Raffle for Texas Cup 2021 - Wednesday June 2nd, 8 PM CST it’s coming out of all orifices now

Howdy guis!

On June 5th/6th, three Texas cities will be duking it out on the fabulous East Texas track that is Pine Dunes in Frankston, TX. The weekend is not only about the golf, though. We are happy to be supporting a wonderful non-profit charity located in East Texas with a connection to the Refuge.

Founded in 2009, The Treatment and Learning Center for Children with Autism (TLC) is the only full time, center-based treatment facility in East Texas, accepting children from 18 months to 21 years of age. Our goal is to reduce each child’s need for continuing 1:1 training by teaching functional skills that help them integrate into their natural learning environments.

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We have a Refuge connection too - @Csherm23 's better half is the center director.


  • We will be holding a charity raffle on WEDNESDAY JUNE 2ND at 8 PM Central right here on the Refuge in this thread.
  • Raffle tickets will be $5 each. You can buy an unlimited amount of tickets.
  • Tickets will be drawn through an online randomizer and results posted in the thread.
  • Winner picks their item. Once it’s selected, the item is gone. If you are not present, you get moved to end of line or can show up and pick.
  • Since you get your pick, you can only win once. Shares the wealth and keeps everyone invested.


  • We are still accepting items for the raffle. If you have some golf (or non golf) adjacent items to donate, please DM me!


  • Reply to this thread or DM me the number of tickets you want to purchase.
  • Send me the money on Paypal or Venmo. I’ll send you my handles when you message or post. Just put your refuge handle in the comments of the transaction.
  • I will send you your ticket numbers and document it.

The following post will detail the items you can win! Please donate and share the wealth across the Refuge!

@SaveMuny || @SpiethGotMono



1/2 - NLU Pro Shop Credit

3 - Customized Titleist ProV1x Balls - Pine Dunes Texas Cup - from @trev1n

4 - Arnold Palmer Photo and Signature - from @david_sawyer

5/6 - Pine Dunes Lie+Loft Prints (2) - from @rmaas91 and Lie+Loft

7 - Titleist ZM Forged Iron Set - from @Jdonelson

9 - NLU Nest Fairway Wood Headcover - from @ajsHTX

10 - NLU Nest Towel - from @ajsHTX

11 - The Golfer’s Journal 8-pack - from @ajsHTX

12 - Pine Dunes Pin Flag - from Pine Dunes! Dope Logo, have not seen flag though
pine dunes

13 - Masters Visor - from @anotherballromes

14 - $200 Criquet Gift Card - from Criquet Golf


I’m down for 10 tickets. I don’t know if that is a lot or a little, either way…

@RobertHunter, @Darikashi, @jsteve15


3 new items added! They keep rolling in! Don’t miss out!

15 - Two dozen Taylormade Golfballs - from @Big_RanDeer

16 - Whataburger YETI - from @therealmarkymark

17 - Two Jason Isbell ACL Live Tickets - from @CapnTex
Jason isbell


Two more additions today! Don’t miss out!

18 - NLU Front Pocket Polo, Size Large - from @lbrowne96

19 - Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon - from @jmg


Okay, I couldn’t wait on this one…1 more item to add.

20 - Ping Moonlite Tropic Carry Bag - from @PGA_ALLTHEWAY
images (3)


@ajsHTX I’ll take 5 tickets, assuming I don’t need to be at the event to win, right?

should’ve just read the details. Just need to be here in the thread.


10 tickets please.

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Folks - we’ve got some Scotty Cameron headcovers coming. But which ones? Head over to the Putter thread to choose your favorites, and the top 4 will be in the raffle!

Big thanks to @clktex for the donations!!

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A few more raffle item updates - who wants some headcovers???

21 - Scotty Cameron Headcover - Augusta National Sweet Nectar of Golf - from @clktex

22 - Scotty Cameron Headcover - Oakmont US Open - from @clktex

23 - Scotty Cameron Headcover - 2008 Augusta National - from @clktex

24 - Scotty Cameron Headcover - Red - from @clktex

25/26 - Push Cart Mafia Drive and Putter Headcovers (separate items) - from @jbpayne32


I have the green clover PCM putter cover. It fits a mid-mallet quite well, and the magnet closure is the best I’ve seen. GREAT quality stuff.


I would like to procure some tix. Send me the venmo info!

I’ll do 5 tickets!

Some serious heat in this raffle


We’re less than 48-hrs away from the Texas Cup Charity Raffle. It is tomorrow night at 8 PM CST, so don’t forget!

The way this raffle works is if your ticket gets selected, you get to pick your item. Once the item is picked, it is gone. We’ll do this until no items remain.

If you’re not in the thread within a reasonable amount of time (looking at minutes here, not hours), you’ll get to pick when you show up. If you show up after the raffle is conlcuded, you get pick of what’s left! So please, everyone make plans to be online! It’ll be a good time!


Also if you want a re-up on some tickets, hit me up!


God I wish those blades were left handed @Jdonelson

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I’ll take 10 tickets.

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Just as a brief update on the headcovers, the “Sweet Nectar” headcover is leather exterior with white interior. The 2008 looks to be the standard pleather (I assume vinyl) with yellow interior. The US Open cover is a denim-like material. The Custom Shop cover is like the 2008 cover, and has a gray interior.


A few last minute items to add!

27/28/29 - New Brough Creek National Imperial Hats - from @alexshreff
BCN hats

30 - Custom Yururi Raw Gekku RH Wedge - from @the_korn_ferry
wedge2 wedge3 wedge4

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