A thread for the Texas folks

You misspelled Trinity Forest.

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2011 was when I discovered that all-weather gloves don’t only work in the rain


I was playing Raveneaux Country Club (about to be turned into a retention area) pretty often in 2011 and it got so bad at one point that you could hit your ball in what was supposed to be a lake but there wasn’t any water. Scored pretty decently back then though.


2011 was probably the summer I played the most video games as a kid. Don’t think I touched a club much

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2011, Lubbock had not one, but two different significant runs without traceable rain. 72 days the first time and then another 53 days later that year. It was like playing golf on concrete fairways. Thank god for that hundredth of an inch of rain in July though, that really saved us.

All time worst summer.

My fellow Texans - hop on over to the Texas Cup charity raffle page and buy some tickets! $5 per ticket, unlimited entries allowed. Some pretty awesome items up for grabs!

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Will be playing Pine Dunes for the first time tomorrow. Planning on getting in 36. Looks like we’ll finally have some dry weather. I’ll report back the conditions to prep those going to the Texas Cup in early June.


Thanks Bmich! Would be awesome if we can get a game going and would be happy to follow your lead on that if we eventually are able to tee it up. @DuckDuckHook was kind enough to share some ideas / thoughts on courses I can play at and am likely to go out to Old American today to spend the day out there practicing / playing. I’ll be here till Saturday (flying out in the early AM so Saturday itself is a no-go) so am pretty much available any time / day from now till then. Hope we can play!

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That was also the year where my not long ball hitting self drove it past a par four at Rawls. On the 11th hole, my drive rolled on/over the 12th tee box. No big deal…

Same here
Just 18 tho

Just booked a 2:50pm 4 spot for this Sunday at Cedar Crest if anyone wants to join. Feel free to slide in the dm’s

Pine dunes is awesome
As @djpie once said “tight tight piece of property”
I am sure it’ll be awesome for the NLU CUP
if it would stop raining it’ll be really really good shape

If you can find the fair way you’ll score
If you can’t well enjoy the beer

Someone will shoot a 65 or better over the NLU CUP


65? Net?

I’ve seen a few of the guys going play
I could see a 65 or less
And I’ve heard them talk about others that are going

So net? or straight up? From what tees?

Straight up

Awesome. Can’t wait to see it.

Yeah Pine Dunes is awesome, but it’s really fair if you play smart and stick to the fairways. Also, if you can move the ball from right to left it’s a big advantage out there.


Can I spend all of my likes on this… right to left is the shape shot out there