NLU Texas Cup (Formerly Bucc-ees Cup) Pine Dunes June 5/6 2021

Fellas - grabbed the 9:30 AM tee time at PD on Friday AM (June 4th) for the free round…would love some company!!


That’s a lotta golf! I’d usually be very down for a 5-round weekend, but I can’t leave Austin early enough. Go get that!

Might just join ya.


Be sure to wear your cargo shorts too.

Jorts, baby.

Raffle is live. Raffle items to be posted here tonight shortly. Spam your favorite Refuge threads…I think the YOTB thread will be interested in one of the items…


Get y’all’s numbers up…lots of raffle tickets being sold…to non-Texas Cuppers! Throw some money in…there are some pretty awesome Pine Dunes themed prizes to be had.


Oh my bad, I thought I’d done it already but I now realize that was for the Colonial event. I’ll add mine shortly.

Food and Bev Update with Schedule

Saturday tee times.
Fourball 7:40am - 9am.
Foursomes 2:00pm - 3:20pm.

Sunday Tee times.
Singles 9:00am - 10:20am.

Sat breakfast- brunch $10.95 per person
Sat lunch - boxed sandwich $11.95 per person
Sat dinner - Stanley’s BBQ organized by @Jdonelson
This will be at the condos.
Sunday breakfast - brunch $10.95 per person

This will help everyone get food so that they can head to the range early (or late) for a grind session.

Friday and Sunday lunch are a la carte. We may coordinate a cookout for Friday night on the Condo grills. Anyone interested in helping out, please reply. Will be informal.

We are free to imbibe in shared regional beverages at the condos. They will have a beverage service on the course, so do not bring your own on the course.

Speeches, rallying cries, and recitations of alleged grandeur to my knowledge are permitted. If anyone has one of those outdoor projectors, I would like to request the following movies be streamed that celebrate Texas.

Hands on a Hardbody
Friday Night Lights Season 1
Tin Cup
2015 US Open, featuring Jordan Spieth
No Country for Old Men
The 2017 Open Championship, featuring Jordan Spieth


I’m so fucking stoked for this. Three-day work week next week!!

Everyone reading this, dinner on Saturday will be roughly $22 per person. That includes tons of meat, sides, and even some desserts (and iced tea I THINK, will confirm). Once I confirm with Stanleys, I’ll ask for Venmo or Paypal up front, and we can track paids on the event spreadsheet. Unlike at a wedding, I’m going to strive to order pretty close to the edge of under-ordering; there’s not really a good place to keep a bunch of leftovers. The bigger condos have fridges, but we’re all just leaving Sunday anyway. Everyone go easy on your first plate :).

If we actually want to try and stream Spieth’s 2015 Masters win, I also have a projector and am happy to bring it. I don’t have a screen (we use a wall at my house), but I can bring the projector and my computer. I’m not going to make this decision, but if someone else makes it for us, I’ll pack the shit.


@Csherm23 is there a good place by the condos where we could project this against a wall in the evening?

Though it feels like streaming his Open Championship victory from the Driving Range may be more appropriate, probably logistically challenging.

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Y’all need some help




This is quickly turning into the most bizzare, incredible weekend I’ll never be able to fully explain to non-Refugees. I’m so pumped


I feel like Fandango should definitely be on the stream list.

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Spieth is fine, He’s the only Longhorn I will root for. But given the spirit of the weekend I would suggest streaming the 2016 Ryder Cup. Just my 2cents. Can’t freaking wait, gonna be so pumped up there is a less than 50% chance I make contact with my first tee shot.


I appreciate the bravery displayed to give a Spieth ‘meh’ take.

I promised at the beginning that I was an ideas gui, I never said any of them would be good.

Why rewind to 2016 when we can get a VHS rewind to 1999?!

I want to meet the designer of this shirt.

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Ok, ok, we’ll play the 2011 Texas vs. A&M football game.


Ah the last game I attended as a student. Cool, very cool.

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You stop that right now. No need for in-fighting.

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