YOTB Presents: The Blade Challenge

I’m curious about what length shaft you used as well.

I tried this with a 4i and my lie angle was all jacked up. Took me a bit too square it away.

Cut it down and used brass shim in the hosel to get it to stick (not sure how long it’s going to last but feels tight atm).
I cut it to 3 iron length
I did loft and lie on my LL machine no worries as Mizzy’s bend easily.

It’s a cannon on the range and surprisingly straight. Let’s see how it is on course next.


Haven’t caught up in this thread but I played Gearhart on Saturday and submit that it would be an ideal location for the challenge.

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Bought a project and decided to do Miami Vice colors. Surely it’s the Hogans that are holding me back from the Bladey 80, right? :woozy_face:


Blade sickos - there might be something you’d be interested in over here…


I will be attempting the Bladey 80 from the one ups. Usually play tips and feel good with 78 or below so will take a lot for me.


Hell yes! So stoked to see this. Stoked to hear you crushed it.

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Back to back bogeys with wedge in hand is not a great recipe for success… at least I can’t blame the blades.


May be making an attempt from a certain course in Santa Cruz this evening :eyes:


Update: gave it a run on the back nine but 2 water balls and missing a couple greens with wedges cost me. Highlight of the day was a cut 7 iron around a tree from 150 to 20 feet and making the putt on 18.


Confidence builder. It’s right around the corner.


What were you hitting off the tee? That’s a damn good effort!

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3 iron is my longest iron so that’s what was hit off almost every tee, 3-P of Bridgestone J36. Typically hitting it around 210, 220 if I absolutely pure it.


Really need to get some shafts that fit in the MP68s. My gamers are 2* flat, standard length stiffs and the 68s have x100s an inch long. Not good for the ball striking.

Oh well. Incredible evening. Get em next time.


Even just cutting down that extra inch will help with the lie angle.

You had it in sight, for sure. Onward!

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Giving these a rip today. Should be…interesting.


What day did you play? I just played there on Wednesday

Yup! Wednesday evening

Those 68s are sweet. I have a set of MP67s I played in college that I may just have to pull out of the attic. Good luck with the next try!

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