A thread for the Texas folks

Sorry yall - wife is about to pop or id throw my name in the ring!

Do you have any friends that want to play?

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What’s up people! New to the Nest and (fairly) new to DFW. Live in Dallas and love playing Cedar Crest, Stevens, & am always looking for new tracks.

If anyone is ever looking for an addition to a group, would love to join!

PS - Currently working for the TX Rangers in Arlington, so happy to throw some tickets to anyone who wants to come out to a game.


What’s up Steve? If you haven’t already, join our WhatsApp. Link is below.

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Welcome! The WhatsApp link is the best way to get mixed up with us. Also, we have a local “Roost” called Big Plex. Sign-up here, and I’ll add you to the list in here and I can tag everyone at once with a notification for events, merch, etc.

Big Plex Roost/Local Chapter - Google Sheets

Next group event is our first Sunday night couples scramble at Keeton Park June 5.

Big Plex Couples Scramble - Events - No Laying Up

Our big event June 11 is full and our season qualifying competition is nearly over, but we’re working on getting some late/summer and fall events on the calendar.

Follow us on instagram at @bigplexroostnlu

Awesome - thanks, fellas. Signed up on the spreadsheet and joined the WhatsApp group.

Looking forward to connecting at some point soon!

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Hi fellow Texans!

I have 4 PGA Championship tickets/Saturday $225 each. Please message me if you are interested in purchasing!

Just added myself to the Big Plex Roost Sheet - hope to meet some of you soon. If anyone could instruct me how to join the Roll Call thread it would be much appreciated…

Stevens Park forever!


Welcome! I’ll invite you so you get tagged on any messages I send out to the entire roost. I think that will get you into all the Big Plex threads.

Strongly encourage you to join the WhatsApp chat Nick posted above - that’s the best way to get out and play some rounds with us in the Plex. It won’t be hard to get folks to join you at Stevens.

June 5 couples scramble is our next official group outing (alas our big event on June 11 is already full), but as you’ll see in the thread, we have tee times with spots every week. We’re working to get some more official events on the calendar for late summer and fall. Any ideas or assistance is always welcome.