Big Plex Couples Scramble

After some discussion amongst a handful of refugees we thought it would be fun to do an event completely geared around bringing our significant others out. My wife is always making fun of me for hanging out with my internet friends and thought this might help normalize things a bit.

The idea is to have a monthly super informal 9 hole scramble. Speakers encouraged, beverages encouraged, and courses should be relaxed. Don’t want anyone getting turned away because they don’t have a collared “golf” shirt. First event will be June 5 at Keeton Park. After that I’m happy to go wherever the group feels like fits the vibe.

Sign up on the sheet below and indicate both players general ability level. Not looking to call anyone out here, just want to try and make it as fun as possible for all involved. Penalty strokes and looking for balls in a scramble is no fun.

Once we know how many are interested I’ll secure the tee times.

Big Plex Couples Scramble Sign Up Sheet


cc @BigPlex

Interested. Will check schedule and with SWMBO.

Keeton is good. Life Partner is in [for the wine aspect], how do I edit that sheet though - it won’t let me? @K-Winn


I even Googled it trying to not be that guy…


@BHstraitvibin all right try it now

Didn’t work :confused:

I’ve reposted the link by itself. I think it should work now.

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My SO and I are in for June 5th!


Great! Hopefully we can get at least one more couple for two foursomes.

“Unfortunately” I’ll be in Hawaii with my SO and our two legged dependents during the first outing. Hope to join the later outings.

@BigPlex reminding anyone who’s interested to sign up for this for June 5. Would be great to get some more participation - hopefully we can run it back once a month and get a few groups out each time. This will be extremely casual and laid back. Any significant other or friend who may be new to golf or self-conscious to try it in a different environment - this would be the perfect opportunity to bring them out.

Also, reminder that friends and SOs are welcome and encouraged at the pre-Golden Age Classic gathering at Cidercade June 10 at 7:30 PM.

I’m still hoping to make it to this first event, but am not able to commit yet.

No worries, no tee times have been made yet. You guys would make 8 for a clean two foursomes.

@BHstraitvibin @WhineyCracker52 any preference on tee times for you guys? I’m going to snag at least two back-to-back this Sunday for June 5.

Preferably the afternoon. We are going to be coming back from Houston that day but should be able to make a twilight tee time.

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@K-Winn sorry to pull the rug, I’ve been informed we have a child’s [who has yet to achieve true consciousness or retain memory] birthday party that afternoon. My rage is untethered.

Haha, well hopefully there’s a keg!

@clktex are you guys in? We have some (non-refuge) friends that want to join which with @WhineyCracker52 would make 8.