2022 "Finding Your Soule" NIT Qualifier - Soule Park GC Southern California - New Date June 5th

This is the holding place thread for the 2022 “Finding your Soule” in Ojai, California. We are applying for official status as THE LowCal or Southern California NIT Qualifier.

Last year, 30 refugees/LowCa’ers joined together in our first NIT qualifier at Coronado Golf Course to send Connor LeBlanc Jax Beach. We raised money for North County Junior Golf Association and look forward to supporting junior golf in the Los Angeles area.

This year we’ll be rolling with a similar format with some wrinkles:

  1. Increasing our field size from 30 to 50
  2. Keeping the quoata system for points
  3. Looking to create merchandise for the event (leave your t-shirt size)

The Details

  • Course: We have reserved The Soule Park Golf Course .
  • Date: April 9th
  • Cost: : $65 to walk and $75 to ride
  • Charity: TBD - looking to find a junior golf association in Los Angeles
  • Number of NIT Spots: :construction: TBD- Official NIT events and spots are being sorted out by Double_Bogey_Dave. We will work with him and update on official standing and spots in the coming weeks. :construction:
  • Tournament Format: :Quota points system (based on your handicap)
  • Field Size: 50!
  • Hosts / Organizing Committee: @NineTo5Golf @Rob_Roth @TravReid

If you’re interested in potentially playing:

  1. Add your name, email, handicap and t-shirt size to this list: Finding your Soule - NIT Event at Soule Park Golf Course - April 9th - $65 to walk and $75 to ride - Google Sheets
  2. Bookmark this thread for future reference.
  3. Comment to let us know if you have any questions or comments

If you played last year and have feedback about ways we can improve: Send a DM to the Tournament Committee.

Let’s rededicate our Soule, LowCal!


S I C K !

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Sign up sheet has been fixed!

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Over 20+ sign up’s in 1 day! Lets keep it going


This looks awesome! I want to sign up but I’ve legit never played in an event or anything remotely similar. Kinda curious on that front, thanks

come out and meet some good people here in Socal. The best thing about the format (quota) is that you are playing against yourself and your handicap.

Here is a little bit about the quota:

  • 36 minus your course Handicap is your quota (18 hole rounds only)

Double bogey or worse - 0
Bogey - 1
Par - 2
Birdie - 4
Eagle - 8

  • No need to worry about which holes you have a stroke on, this is all gross scores
  • Add up total points. Subtract your quota from your score and that is your total score for the round.
  • I.e. Your course handicap is 6. Your quota is 30. Your make 9 bogeys, 1 birdies, and 6 pars, and 2 double or more, yielding a score of 25. Your quota score is -5 (25 - 30)
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We have 30 sign up’s and can make more room if we need it.


The format sounds fun, a pretty welcoming setup. I put my name down on the excel & everything, I’m pumped.


Awesome its going to be a great time!

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Sign’s up close this Friday for the event at Soule Park!

A little wrinkle, the golf tourney is being delayed until June as we had some last min scheduling conficts.

Stay tuned for updated date

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New date has been scheduled for June 5th! Tee times will be starting at 9am, you can sign up here:


Over 50 now, I guess this new date works better! :rofl:


Anyone have a line on Ojai Valley for Saturday?…

what do you mean?

Coming down from Bay Area for the Soule event as of now… would be dope to address Ojai as I don’t get to fit it in on my SOCAL excursion in October. Anyone got a hookup or plan to play it Saturday?…

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Event has been rescheduled! It’s June 5th now.

Just curious again… anyone have a connection or a plan to play Ojai Valley. Danke… What I mean by connection is not paying the exorbitant price tag. Selfish I know.

You’re probably better off driving an hour to play Rustic Canyon or Sandpiper, or 30 to play Olivas Links. All better courses and better value.

Great chatter… Played them all when I came down in September for a giant through Southern California…Ojai Was the only one I did not do pricing reasons. I also something cooking for Monday already.