Roll Call: Orange County, CA (Long Beach, Inland Empire etc too!)

Monarch Beach is not a great bang for the buck. If you’re willing to spend that kind of coin on a round, go to either of the Pelican Hill courses.

If you don’t mind not seeing the ocean, Oak Creek, Strawberry Farms, Arroyo Trabuco, and Tijeras Creek are all worthwhile.

Ben Brown’s golf course at the Ranch resort in Laguna is an awesome short 9 hole course. Great place for a twilight round if you have time for it.


Thanks for the info! I was definitely worried about that element for Monarch Beach, so I’ll look into those additional options you sent along.

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Pelican North or Ben Browns. I grew up in Laguna and live just north now. Let me know if you need restaurant recommendations.

So far it doesn’t suck too badly! I’m only in the office one day a week. That day, I’m in the road at the crackass of dawn or don’t leave till 9am. Plenty of time to get in podcasts…

I’ve played Temecula Creek, Twin Oaks, Eagle Glenn, Redhawk, and Rancho so far. TCI and Eagle Glenn the standouts.

Been a wild few months, but getting settled and would love to get a semi-regular game going.

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If you have not seen it yet we have a meet up at Santa Anita in May. Check it!

“The Horserace” A Southern California Roost Production Santa Anita GC - May 7th (Details Below)

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Adding in the “finding your soule” at Soule Park event on 4/9 as well:

This is going to be a great event at a great course in LowCal!

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Sign’s up close this Friday for the event at Soule Park!

So sign up if you haven’t yet

Hey SoCal folks, im visiting my sister down in Riverside on May 14-15 and wondering whats worth playing in the Inland Empire, probably only have time for one round so want to make it count

Oak Quarry. Goose Creek is also a popular one.

i second this, Oak Quarry is prob a better piece a of property, but its kinda pricey and they have surge pricing, so book a few weeks in advance if you can. Goose Creek is always in good shape and imo the best bang for the buck

I strongly recommend Goat Hill Park as well.

From Riverside you could also go east to Oak Valley. Oak Quarry is closest to Riverside. My choice would be Goose Creek. Best course in the IE IMO.

Played 9 at Goat Hill this afternoon. Fun spot.

Lot of work going on. That place should look like a million bucks this time next year. Greens were slow, but in good shape.

Linked up with a JDay look-alike and a guy who just got done with 18 of frisbee golf. I’m thinking that was a pretty solid intro.


We have a couple of spots left in the “Horserace”, if anyone is still interested.


Hey nesticles. I’m a solo heading out this saturday 6/18. Will likely be playing Goose Creek, Hidden Valley or Oak Quarry (possibly playing 2 of them) Love to have some good company if anyone is interested for a round. Nothing too great to see here playing wise - 11 Hdcp.

Skip HV 100 times out of 100. That course stinks.

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Good to know. Looked like a fun track but will consider other options

Goose Creek and Oak Valley or Oak Quarry are the way to go if you are in the IE.

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don’t listen to @lbrowne96, Hidden Valley is amazing in a train wreck meets circus sort of way. It must be seen to be believed. Multiple tee shots with 100 foot drop off elevation changes? Check. Giant boulders in the middle of the fairway for no reason? Of course. Enjoy.


That is tempting. Played some courses in mesquite, nv/ st George UT area that might be reminiscent

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