Roll Call - San Diego

Coming down to San Diego this weekend and was wondering if anyone has an extra spot at Torrey Friday or Monday? Please let me know thanks!

Also down to play anywhere in San Diego if theres room for 1

Is anyone playing Torrey any time soon? I have a request, if you do. I was given a golf course pencil display recently and I do not have my pencil from Torrey. If someone could snag one and DM me, I’ll give you my address and pay for shipping plus enough to grab a drink after the round. Any help is appreciated

I got you I live 10 min from it


Sharing for awareness. If you have not seen it yet, we have a meet-up at Santa Anita in May. Check it!

“The Horserace” A Southern California Roost Production Santa Anita GC - May 7th (Details Below)

Adding in the “finding your soule” at Soule Park event on 4/9 as well:


Hey all,
I’m flying to SD from Australia around mid August. Was looking to play a round or two (Torrey being one of them) Would love to have a Sherpa if anyone is interested.

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yeah there are a ton of us around, do you have a date in mind yet

We could get you a MGF skins came at Goat Hill as well if that is something you would want to do?

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Sign’s up close this Friday for the event at Soule Park!

So sign up if you haven’t as its well worth the drive from San Diego

Coming to town for a convention (Toxicology, nerdsville . . ) but expect to have free time Saturday and Sunday afternoons - March 26 and 27. Recommendations for PAR THREE courses within a reasonable Uber ride? Places that rent wedges and putters? Have limited time, will not drag clubs along, but to knock it around for fun., any Refugees who can advise, or even join me, let me know!

Might try to get out on the executive course at Balboa Park - looks like I can walk there from the Convention Center. Rent clubs there too. Would love to hear some chatter about this . . . .

Not sure walking there from the convention center is feasible. Maybe possible, but you don’t want to do that. hop in an Uber. You will thank yourself later.

its a large walk you might also want to look at mission bay or even the loma club

Thanks - I’m a hiker and a golfer, so the challenge of walking over, renting clubs, walking 9 holes and walking back is intriguing . . . but I appreciate the advice. Probably makes more sense to Uber. Is it a given that this is better than any of the par three courses?

That is going to be the closet one to you in Downtown. I don’t think it is the best San Diego has to offer, but for sure the easiest to get to for you.

Goat Hill would be the best, but it is an hour away from downtown.

Mission Bay is next closet after Balboa and is a lot of fun, in a cool spot. Also a City Owned course.

Loma Club isn’t too far from downtown and is a decent par 3 course with views of the bay and downtown.

Do they still have the Lime scooters everywhere? I took one of those from Little Italy up to Balboa Park a couple years back… it’s further than I thought it was going to be, but good fun, haha.

Executive course was fun enough, though I was hoping to play the full length place. Hired clubs there, too.

We have a couple more spots left if anyone can join us.

If anyone wants to come support Junior golf, sign up for our annual fundraiser golf tournament to support the high school team I coach. I promise you’ll have a blast.

Anyone made the trip south of the border to Bajamar? Reviews make it sound like this place has seen better days, but curious to hear whether it would be worth a day trip down from SD?

I have a couple of times and really like the course and the people who work there.

Don’t expect a Hilton, its a laid back mexican experience and the course has awesome views right on the ocean.

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