Roll Call: L.A. County (Rustic Canyon and the Coachella Valley are not in L.A. County)

Good luck getting on rancho. As a single maybe day of. But getting an advanced tee time is nearly impossible even for us locals with players cards.

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I remember playing it in 1974 when I was 11.
Probably hasnt changed much.

@anon68983737 and I got out to Rustic today. Neither of us had his A game, but as usual, it was a fine walk and talk. Rustic as a golf course continues to bring its A game, see, e.g.:

But the management continues to fail. Today, mid-March Saturday, 80 degrees at tee time around mid-day at a completely booked golf course — @anon68983737 heads to the grille at the turn for a beverage, perhaps a hot dog. The door is locked, grille closed due to “understaffing.” They couldn’t even manage to provide access to the filtered water. Just so predictable.


Played this Sunday with @mflo, exact same scenario on the grill…the highs of the course with the lows of mgmt/food experience is such wasted opportunity. Even their pro shop product selection is an embarrassment.

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If you have not seen it yet, we have a meet up at Santa Anita in May. Check it!

“The Horserace” A Southern California Roost Production Santa Anita GC - May 7th (Details Below)

Adding in the “finding your Soule” at Soule Park event on 4/9 as well:

We are getting close to the deadline, so come join us for a good cause!

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Sign’s up close this Friday for the event at Soule Park!

So sign up if you haven’t yet as we would like to see as many people as we can!


A bit of a long shot, but anyone know how much junior memberships are at some of the more accessible country clubs in the area? Aka not Riv or LACC…obviously

Weird question, does anyone have a rustic canyon pencil that I could buy you a drink and pay for postage for you to mail to me? Really trying to get pencils for my golf pencil holder of courses I played and don’t have that one.

I am playing this Sunday, I will get you a pencil.

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I appreciate it, I had someone reach out in the DMs and hook it up. But I appreciate your being willing to help

We have a couple of spots left in the “Horserace”, if anyone is still interested.

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I would be there but my wife would divorce me considering it’s Mother’s Day weekend. Hope to get to a Roost event in the near future.

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Understand! They’ll be other opportunities!

Santa Anita has some of the best bones in Southern California. If they did a true restore it would be one of the best public courses in the country.


While I know that SB isn’t LA County….

Anyone have intel on Sandpiper? Has it stayed in poor condition per last fall’s posts or have things improved?

Played it about 2 months ago and it was solid. They have their greens and fairways back.


Played it Easter weekend. Was awesome and in good-great condition. There was a little too dressing on the greens but they played true.

Greetings Low Cal gang. The wife and I are traveling south for a wedding in San Clemente on Friday June 3rd. Wife is in the wedding, ceremony is at 4pm, and venue/hotel are about 10 mins from San Clemente Muni. So i’ve pretty much got the whole day to myself. Looks like i’m only able to book online a week out. Looking to play early-ish friday morning. If anyone has rec’s on booking or would like to come out for a game please hit me up.

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Hello folks, not a frequent user of the Refuge here, but a huge fan of NLU and the community nonetheless. I’ll be down in SoCal (San Bernardino County) in about 2 weeks and wanted to put it out there if any fellow golf sickos wanted to meet up and play a match or something of the like. Not sure if creating a topic is how you’re supposed to do this, but please forgive me as I get acclimated to the Refuge. I’m 17, play off a 1, and am a mega nerd about the game. Would love to connect with others and #getinvolved.