2022 "Finding Your Soule" NIT Qualifier - Soule Park GC Southern California - New Date June 5th

We are up to 50 spots, can’t wait to see everyone in a month.

Anyone want to create a logo for the event?

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Cant wait to play with you gentlemen! Lovely course too!

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Going to shut down sign ups on May 29th, so if you want to play come sign up!

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I had some free time at work. Ultra basic via my pdf editor.

First tee time! Lets goooo… thank you Captain @Rob_Roth. Will be able to maximize hang time and watch the flock come in on 18…

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We have a couple extra spots if anyone else wants to play!

Get excited!!




I’m heading down from the San Luis Obispo area and got on the road a little earlier than planned. If anyone wants to grab breakfast or something before they go to the course or at the course holla at ya boi.

Thanks to everyone played! We raised almost $300 for charity.

Congrats to @jsg_nado @BK88 on qualifying for the NIT!


So much fun. Thanks Rob and my playing partners for their welcoming hospitality. Every time I come down to Soule Park and Ojai it just get harder to leave. They must put something in the water down there.


Thanks for coming! Can’t wait for you to join us again.

Low Cal fellers… roll call on who is going to Chambers for the Prolific? I met a few of you but didn’t get a chance to catch handles. There’s a few guys in Nor Cal going for sure; seeing what everyone’s plans are. Cheers.

:+1: I’m the guy going Spokane > Gamble Sands > Olympic Prolific.


Rock n Roll. Yea man I told a few of the chapter your plan and they loved it. Thanks for posting. What day you playing there if it’s cool to ask?

I’m playing Gamble Sands that Thursday 9/15. Short Course in the morning and Long Course after lunch.

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Rodger. Good on ya for the info. Went Zero Dark Thirty on the Refuge since Thursday as I tape the Open and watch every minute. Couldn’t take the chance of spoilers. Be in touch for sure!