Vibestock (Southern Pines, NC): 2021, October 2 - Longleaf Golf and Family Club

The Vibey Boys are proud to present: Vibestock

(By @jskovgaard)

We have been throwing around ideas to get together for awhile, and we wanted to open it up to as many people as possible. Shooting for 30-40 poeple, but we’ll worry about a cap later if we have more. Pinehurst is as vibey a location as there is. Who doesn’t want another reason to play golf in the sandhills?

This event is still very much in the planning. Right now our goal is to rent a course for the day, play 18 holes of team competition in the morning, then break off for more contests or your own games in the afternoon. We have courses in mind, just waiting on more details before getting things pinned down (hopefully by the end of next week).

Here is what we do have:

  1. In the Pinehurst Area
  2. In October (scheduled around other events)
  3. At least 18 holes of golf (lets be honest it will be way more)
  4. A sick logo
  5. Guaranteed vibes

In the coming weeks, we will be updating updating everyone on the official date, location, charity, competition, and merch plans.

If you’re interested at all in attending, please fill out the sheet at the bottom.

Come vibe :call_me_hand:


  • Event held at Longleaf Golf and Family Club on October 2nd
  • 2 rounds: Team quota game for 2 NIT spots and an Alternate shot format in the afternoon
  • We will be supporting 2 charities: SwingPals and The Joe Niekro Foundation, and selling raffle tickets to support this
  • Merch information posted no later than 8/19
  • Lunch is provided, food truck and pizza are available for dinner
  • Cost of the event is $150, due by August 20th, and sent to my PayPal: @captfluff


We have our field of dreams and we have a date. Vibestock will be taking place at Longleaf Golf and Family Club in Southern Pines, NC on October 2nd, 2021. The cost of entry will include 36 holes at Longleaf, access to their 6 hole pitch and putt course, lunch between rounds, dinner after, and a tee gift.

Longleaf is as great a hang as they come. Classic sandhills golf for an extremely reasonable price. An awesome outdoor bar, patio hang, and (kind of) lighted putting green for any after dinner bets, I am hoping most of us will be there from sunup to sundown.


I have long said that the team golf I played in high school and college is the most fun I have ever had playing golf. We will attempt to recreate that feeling of camaraderie by breaking up the field into teams. The winning team will be the one that posts the best score relative to quota from their best scores. (Team size and number of dropped scores are TBD) We have 2 NIT spots: the first will be given to the best scoring member of the winning team, and the second will be given to the best scorer overall (or 2nd place if the best scorer is also on the winning team). The tiebreaker for this second spot is your team score. Buy into the team element, and play hard to secure yourself or your teammate a spot in Jacksonville this November.

The afternoon round will be an alternative format that will just be played for fun (and prizes). Longleaf has 13 (!!!) sets of rated tee markers to choose from, played tee boxes numbered 1-7. With so many tees and different skill levels, it is difficult to choose which to play from in the afternoon. Therefore, we will be letting chance decide for us. The field will be split into teams of two for alternate shot. In each cart, there will be a large foam die. Roll it, and your team will begin the hole from whichever number tee the die lands on. This should prove to be fun and, most importantly, not take 5.5 hours so we can finish the round.

Vibestock will be supporting two different charities. With such a large number of participants, and a large community, I know we will be able to raise enough to comfortably support both:

Some of you know Longleaf is tied closely to US Kids Golf, so I thought it would be appropriate to support a junior golf charity, but one with more local impact and reach. @Double_Bogey_Dave found the SwingPals group located (almost) locally in Durham, NC out of Hillandale Golf Course. Their mission is “to build a foundation of health and strong character in children facing adversity. SwingPals uses golf as a medium through which students develop mindfulness and self-regulation skills, empowering them to pursue their passion and fulfill their potential to create positive change in their community.”

Our second charity comes to us from the request of Vibey Boy @Dags98. The Joe Niekro Foundation is “committed to supporting patients and families, research, treatment, and awareness of Brain Aneurysms, AVMs, and Hemorrhagic Strokes”. They provide education on the risk factors, causes, and treatments of these conditions while funding the advancement of neurological research. Brian requests this foundation because both of his parents have had brain injuries, and his dad is a brain aneurysm survivor. According to the foundation website, as many as 1 in 15 people will develop a Brain Aneurysm or AVM. I’m sure many other members of our community have been or will be affected by these diseases, so our support and awareness is helpful to everyone.

To support these charities we will be conducting a raffle in the month before the event starts. Ticket and payment information will be posted closer to the date. Any items you wish to donate for this would be appreciated. You can post them here, in the Vibestock Raffle thread, or DM these to me or @LukeBoatright

Round one is an 8:30 shotgun, hopefully time for lunch, followed by another shotgun at 2:00. We hope this will be enough time for both rounds, especially with half as many balls in play in the afternoon. Upon completion of your round, the back patio bar will be open, and there will be options for dinner. Dinner is being provided via food truck. @rkris has been a huge resource for this, and we have settled on “Meat and Greek”. They will have vegan options for those who desire them. Cost of food from the food truck is NOT included in the cost for the event. We also understand that this will create a huge clusterfuck when trying to get food after the round. Because of this, we will be ordering a bunch of pizza to alleviate hunger pains, hopefully slow the rush to the line, keep them from getting overwhelmed, and keep food coming out in a timely manner. The pizza will be included in the entry cost. In encourage everyone to order from the folks at Meet and Greek, however understand if a few of you would rather just eat a couple slices and be done with it

Finally, the cost for the event is $150. This will cover both rounds, cart fee, tee gifts, lunch, pizza, prizes, and a bunch of other cool shit we want to get for this. I am confident the extra room in the budget will allow us to make this an awesome experience, and anything left over will be added to the charity donation. Once you are for sure attending, make sure to put something in the confirmation box on the google sheet. Payments are due by August 20th and can be sent to my PayPal: @captfluff. I made my picture the Vibestock logo so you can be sure its right. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR REFUGE HANDLE IN THE NOTES, or your money will be donated to charity (not really but it’ll be a huge headache). Refunds will be issued until August 20th. After that, refunds will be issued as long as we are able to fill your spot.


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Even if I can’t attend I’d purchase as much merch as I can get my hands on with that logo if offered.


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I’m in but I’m hoping at least one round is on a local muni. As much as I love all of the “big name” courses in the area, this doesn’t feel like a Bag Tag Barry trip. But at the end of the day, that’s just my 2 cents and I’ll defer to the planners.


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