Roll Call: North Carolina

Haven’t been since the winter, but conditioning has always been good there

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Haven’t played RR in a couple months, but those greens were rolling great when I played. Conditions were solid

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I would love to try to meet you guys Tuesday PM for Jamestown. Never been and need to prep for qualifier. Also, if you’re willing to stick around Triad, we could probably play Bermuda Run Wednesday. 1/2 price guest day so ~$40 (best deal in the Triad IMO). The Monday Qualifier for the Wyndham is Monday so should be in great shape.

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Would not be a problem at all on my end, I have a vendor over off battleground ave in GSO I’ve been meaning to stop by and see and wed morning would be fine for that. Paging @Fore20 for tues

Great! We will see you there!


If anyone else wants to come to Vibestock, we have open spaces! Add your name to the signup sheet in the post below. If there are no spaces left, the alternate list is moving quickly so there’s a good chance you’ll get in.

You can also win a FREE entry through our raffle. Details here:

I need to remind myself Monday to see what I can make work, but would love to get in on some of this.

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Hey—I’ve got two spots open in two tee times at Longleaf on Friday (12/12:10). @ me if you want in.

Any Wilmington recs other than muni? Booked for the time slot we can do

Duke or Finley for a final round near RDU?

Castle Bay is suppose to be in great shape right now… when you going to be in town?

August 14th. Was able to get Cape Fear National

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Lonnie Poole is closer to RDU

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And a better golf course than Duke or UNC. Finally State has something on Carolina and Duke.

That was my next question. Recommend Lonnie over the other two?

Yes but budget for a 5 hour round if you plan to get a flight after.

Cape Fear National is a solid track!

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yeah I think thursday this week im gonna venture out to Lonnie Pool myself

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Thanks fellow refugees for filling out my week

Tues - playing at SML copper cover gc on the way down with @bw72 , then meeting up with @fore20 at Jamestown Park that evening around 4
Wed- Bermuda Run with @Very.chipper
Thurs- Lonnie Pool probably if anyone wants to join me or is interested in golf on thursday holla
Friday- Hillandale with @Double_Bogey_Dave


if yall see the birdie wagon feel free to honk