Roll Call: Virginia

playing 150 yards from white, I give you the new #10 at Ashley plantation

very happy with this move (finally) shame it missed the 3br doe


Looks amazing

cmon out, I can host any time


All in.

Definitely taking you up on this this fall!!

Do you want to come play golf in Pinehurst in October? Of course you do. We have open spaces for Vibestock on October 2nd. Add your name to the signup sheet in the post below. If there are no spaces left, the alternate list is moving quickly so there’s a good chance you’ll get in.

You can also win a FREE entry through our raffle. Details here:


HIGHLY HIGHLY rec this to the VA guise.

(I have to help run a charity captains choice that day or else I’d be there myself)

course is great, and the people will be even greater.


I’m down to play in cville! Fairly new to the refuge, but went to school in Lexington, VA, now live in cville, and primarily play at Meadowcreek and Birdwood. Try to get out to RNK every now and then as well.


Loved poplar grove when I lived in Lynchburg in the 2013 days! Cheers and the track has seen some awesome improvements since.

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W&L or VMI?

Match Play Atop The Hill

Okay- so @drh1016 have done some talking and thinking

Match play at Stoneleigh in western loudoun, Va on Sunday 11/14.

Right now the course is asking us just to think of a date and come up with a good number of folks, so we want to see who would be interested for a breakfast or lunch that includes random drawing of two teams and then followed up by 18 holes of best ball play.

Stoneleigh is gorgeous in the fall and provides some real risk/reward that is great for match play.


Heres the link to the event thread for those of you interested in attending Match Play Atop the Hill


Doing a college buddies trip to Noke/Salem in a couple weeks. Itinerary mostly set with the exception the final day.
Thurs - Hanging Rock (for sentimental reasons, the course was being built while we were in school and they would let us pick rocks out of the fairways for keg money)
Fri - Roanoke CC
Sat - Ballyhack all day!
Sun - Roanoke CC again or trek it over to Dye River Course? Those flying out are worried about the drive. I’ve not played River and would like to see it.


If you’re already doing Roanoke cc, I’d do river course

And great job getting Ballyback in the rota


The River course is $59 on the weekend, not sure when you paid 120?

River course is a solid hour from the airport

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Can you get on hidden valley? I’m partial to Ashley plantation myself too off exit 150 on 81

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Damn they changed their rates since I last played there.

PGA Tour Superstore Grand Opening this weekend in Fairfax!

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Was pretty crowded today, with a line to get in. Some decent drawings for prizes (don’t have to be present to win) and a couple of good clearance sections. Kind of just wanted to see what it would be like. Looks like it’ll be a great place to get some fittings and repairs.

I went this morning got there at 9:00 and the line was wrapped around back to the front door. Got in pretty quick. Went to checkout and that line was even worse. Will go back later this week. Didn’t really need anything there, mostly just wants to check it out.

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