The Midwest "Ope"-in August 20th & 21st, 2021: We're Getting The Band Back Together?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It’s time to determine which Refuge contingent officially owns the Midwest region. Painstaking negotiations have given way to an event that is certain to be a highlight of the 2021 season.

Our chairguis have agreed to set up season long match play tournaments beginning in the spring of 2021 (or fall 2020 in the case of Illinois). The top two finishers from each match play bracket will earn a team birth in The Midwest “Ope”-in, a two day event to be held at Lawsonia late next summer.

Refugees from all around will flock to Lawsonia to watch these teams fight (while playing a tournament of their own) until only one is left standing and able to claim the title of Midwest “Ope”-in Champions!

We have officially locked down tee times for up to 60 attendees, with the following details:

When: Friday and Saturday, August 20th and 21st, 2021
Where: The Golf Courses of Lawsonia
Time: Tee times begin on the Woodlands at 7:10 AM and Links at 12:40 PM both days
Cost: $240 for unlimited play

That’s the baseline cost for the golf, but we will like look to include other miscellaneous items (including the famous fish fry on Friday evening) so don’t assume this is the final cost to attend.

I would like to thank our Illinois chairgui @JBors, our Nebraska chairguise @Hala-Mark-Rey and @Mwilhelm10, and our Wisconsin chairguise @chrisisoutrunning and @midwestgolfbum. Each will be responsible for coordinating their respective match play tournaments and determining who will represent them next August.

North Dakota and Iowa refugees, feel free to contact the appropriate chairgui (I’ll handle Minnesota) if you’re interested in joining a match play tourney.

The sign up sheet is below, beginning on line 17. Once we hit 60 interested attendees we’ll begin a waitlist for anyone else interested in attending.

Alert your spouses and get it on the calendar. Further details in the months to come!




really chuckled at this one. ala drawing dicks on others’ papers before they are turned in to professors.


Cool story, but Nebraska’s not in the Midwest. Your event is invalid.


I’m pretty sure @aannddyy00 bitched about us excluding Nebraska when initial discussions of this took place, so to avoid 80 new threads being created (but actually so we could include @Hala-Mark-Rey), we decided Nebraska was allowed.


You can stay in your Nevada bunker and not worry about it.


Is all of nebraska in the midwest, no.

Is the 10% of the state where 80% of the people live in the midwest, yes.


Damn. Best man in a wedding that weekend, so I’m way out. Sounds like a blast, though. Have fun, gents!

You and the rest of the billy baroos and munihacks need to get together and start your own tournament to decide who gets the name before you go entering in other tournaments.


Also, for those of you who are in a state that didn’t get included, this should be a sign to step your game up and #getinvolved in your own state so you can hopefully get in on this for 2022.

Of course, for guis like @jimithng23, you get to pick a state you want to be a part of and we promise to include you as though you were one of our own.


We’re giving Nebraska an exemption:



Waaaay in on this one, guis


Who is the Iowa chairgui?

I needed this with the season getting cut so short. Thanks @BaxterMSP and chairguis for setting it up!


Holy fuck.


One other thing.

We’re looking for a good lead in “fun” name for this. We had one name, then the Dads killed that because an official event may use the name we came up with. Then we had another name, and 45 minutes ago realized there was/is a postponed Chicago event with a very similar name.


First person that volunteers

If there are enough of you to put together a lead in tournament.

“Ope” is perfect. I find myself saying it all the time.

I’m a tentative yes depending on if my school starts on August 22nd or 29th. Or if I decide to drop out.