Wisconsin Refugee Matchplay

Welcome all Wisconsin refugees that were crazy kind enough to sign up for little matchplay event.

What’s at stake? Two (2) spots in the Midwest "Ope"n at Lawsonia to be held on August 20th and 21st.

Who? All the Wisconsinites who have signed up.

What’s the timeline? You’re benevolent leader asks that you do your best to stick to this schedule. Anybody who can’t make it work (within reason) will be decided on a case by case basis.

  • Play in rounds by end of April to get people time to get courses open
  • Second round by May 15th
  • Third round by June 6th
  • Fourth by the end of July 4th weekend
  • Semis by end of July
  • We then have up to the “Ope”n for the final to crown the champ. (the final 2 will represent Wisconsin in the "Ope"n)

All players will be responsible for coordinating their own matches, having other matches happen with yours is welcomed if that works for all. Should any events come up where a large group will be together, let the organizer know that you want to be paired for matches.

Now, for the bracket. Because of the turnout, we will have some play in matches. I did my best to keep people as local as possible early in the game, but know that there will be some travel earlier for those who aren’t in the Madison and Milwaukee markets. The expectation is that people do their best to find a workable option for both parties and not to make somebody drive all the way across the state for a round of golf.

If they want to do that, that’s on them.

@Slick and @jsauce
@doraziojohn and @jpcronin
@PTM and @Hoffmanma17
@Syvm64 and @Hawkeye89
@DrK and @Furnace

You guys are up first for the play in rounds. I will also send messages out to each group for the kickoff of this. If somebody can’t get in contact with your person, PLEASE let me know. We will make a team effort to get them to respond, but if they don’t, congrats, you get a free pass to the next round.


Your benevolent Wisconsin Bracket Authority


First, Thank you!!!

Second, is there a rule sheet? This is handicapped match play, correct?

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Shit, yeah, hold on forgot that in the main post, so thank you for reminding me, @Klebs01

This will be a handicapped matchplay event, using the standard USGA “whomever has the lowest score wins the hole” rules. I randomized the various areas (MKE, MSN, etc.) so some matches may be nearly straight up, some might be a fair number of strokes.

Handicapping with go off of the following:

Subtract the lowest of the course handicaps from the highest. That will be the number of strokes given. *see below for tees

The understanding when signing up was that everybody has a legit handicap. I have most (if not all) of the WSGA/USGA handicap numbers that I can pass along for anybody who wants them.

If you and your competitor choose to play your match without strokes, that will be your choice and the match will be decided as such.

*You are welcome to play from whatever set of tees you both choose. This works best if you both play the same set of tees, but you aren’t required to. Use the difference in handicaps from the tees you are playing to determine strokes in the case you won’t be playing the same.

As always, use your best judgement and don’t be a scumbag. This is for fun (mostly) and getting to meet a bunch of internet friends. Hopefully you make some friends along the way that you can play more golf with in the future.




Listen, you do a good job, I wanna be like you when my bracket grows up.

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Ha, I like your bracket setup. Excited to see which two ‘Sconies get to blow up at Lawsonia!

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@HawksInWI @jcollard @MOeller @HackMarkham @blakehall @golfguy24 @MuniMafia @DWise @DylanB @chrisisoutrunning

Guis, remember, it’s never too early to start talking some shit. Plus, what else are we going to do when it’s not quite nice enough to make gold happen?

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@YakDaddy @brettfreddy5 @RosesTintedGlasses @KHogey33 @scottmcconnell37 @amenden13 @ajvhandel @paspenson @zednems @Maxwell

The same message for you guise. Never too early for some good old fashioned trash talking.

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And for the last bunch since I can only tag 10 at a time and enough of you are awesome enough to participate.

@theDaveT @Klebs01 @TTrentC @d_wrek @jknudtson @golf69ski88


I didn’t know the key to alchemy was nice spring weather, thanks @midwestgolfbum!

Shit talking commenced, but not in the way he expected.


This is sweet. Thanks for setting it up! No set courses for each round, right? Just wherever we agree?

Absolutely. Did my best to keep early rounds as local as possible so they should be a little easier to schedule and find a place that works for both parties.

Listen, if I didn’t expect to get some shit thrown my way, I would be lying. Not even going to fix it, I deserve it.

Wait, I thought everything was being held at The Oaks and @DWise was going to join every match?

I’m sorry, jokes about The Oaks will never get old…


Now THIS is how you properly stir the pot, folks!

This, and every other The Oaks/DWise joke I’ve made, will likely come back to haunt me at some point. If through some miracle I make it out of first round and end up playing him, he’ll probably make me look like Stephen Ames.


I will clear my schedule to make this match. Hell, I’ll do you both one better and host it at North Shore.

@chrisisoutrunning you’re in Madison and I’m in Milwaukee? Oaks is about halfway :wink:

I’ll be honest I’ve driven past it a million times and have always wanted to play until this thread enlightened me.

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Well I really fucked that one up… oh well, y’all will figure it out hahaha

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No worries! We’ll find a spot