The 3 Bed Room (NC vs VA) July 23 2022 - Pete Dye River Course Radford VA (sign ups at post 370)

If I mess anything up, this is my first event ever attending, and I’m playing host to so take it easy on me for now…just been to meet ups before.

That being said (que jeezy)

I’m hosting the 3BR or the Border Battle at the Blue Ridge. Event will consist of 18 holes single stroke play, as well as a side competition where the VA guise WILL TAKE DOWN the NC guise.

Course: Ashley Plantation

I need a min of 32 and can take a max of 72 at this point. If you are not from VA or NC you can hop on the team geographically closest to you as well…

Likely will be a shotgun…

Cost right now is going to be set at $50 and will include your greens fee with cart and a small donation ($10 tentative to local HS golf team in poorer area to promote more minority involvement in HS golf)

Please let me know what I missing.

I would LOVE to find someone who is tech savvy and good at the google lists and what not, and certainly would be open to as much as help with this as yall are willing to give. Just want to put on a good event and have a good time guise.

July 24 1:30 PM tee time

Course is 10 mins off I-81 just north of Roanoke VA
3 hours from Charlotte
3 hours from Richmond
3.5 hours from DC
3.5 from RDU

Rate will include the cart. I typically walk about half my rounds out here, but NOT IN JULY. Its literally the blue ridge mountains, with a few jaunts between holes. Its not a nice walk, but not unwalkable.


Forgot to mention, yes that is a par 6 for hole #5 (first pic). Depending on the tees and the wind, its either an easy birdie or a long walk up the mountain.


I’m in, and I can help with the Google sheets, etc if you like.


I’m clueless how to get a spread sheet up for sign ups being a hillbilly and all, would be huge

I’m in. Team VA all the way!

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I’m in!

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Just happy to hear y’all got dial up.


I’m in Team VA!

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Looking forward to it. VA all day.

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I post via smoke signal


I’m in for sure

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The sign up sheet is live!

Make sure that you sign up on the proper team, there are separate tabs for VA and NC.

Those in this thread that have already declared themselves in have had their Refuge handle (but nothing else) entered on the sheet.


Big big thanks, I got a couple beers for ya in july

In for Va

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I am taking Wednesday off for a new home inspection and then driving directly to Myrtle Beach to play golf. I have two days to get a weeks worth of work done…and i just spend part of this morning creating that sheet because I am so stoked for this event. I play a bit down in Norf Cackalacky with those fellas, so I am definitely enthused about the competition.

I took my payment in the form of sticking my buddy on there as my +1. He is a decent player, and I figured we could use his help.


100% in for this. Signed up on the sheet.

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Signed up for VA.

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We’re we eating the night before? Pancho?

I’ve gotten off 81 and onto 220 too many times.

Man I haven’t been to pancho in ages, they put a new mexican place in about a mile north on 220 we hit a lot, and 3 little pigs is usually pretty good. Shame, if this was pre covid the rest portion of the ballast point brewery across the street from the course would still be open.

Team VA I got you