Splash of OJ (Florida Roost)

I actually looked at their site. Had a gator in the logo so I was intrigued lol

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Tough scenes here for memorable public golf. Mangrove Bay is the course in St. Pete, it’s solid for a muni and good value but nothing special.

Esplanade Azario is probably the best option in Sarasota area. Layout is pretty typical Florida, conditioning is very good because they haven’t gone private yet.

Streamsong is only an hour and 15 away but they’re over $400 until May.

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Gotta pay to play. But the drive would probably be the deal breaker. Might be easier to get two rounds in somewhere close rather than take more time on the road.

It used to be you had to specifically differentiate between St. Johns GC and St. Johns G&CC. With the GC renovation, now it’s easy enough to recommend both.


Sharing this with everyone. A dear friend’s family at Pine Needles is in need of our help.


We all could have used some of that calmness :joy:

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Hey guys, I’ve got an open spot out on Karoo at the new Cabot Citrus Farms for this Saturday at 9:15 AM. Anyone interested in joining?

Just now joining, winter park resident always down to play.


Hey OJ folks, I’ll likely be in Jacksonville in the vicinity of Orange Park for work in early April.

Currently unsure as to the exact days, might end up being mid week, but I’ll be trying to bring my clubs. Most likely any round I get in will be super last minute, depending on when my on-site work will be done.

Any suggestions for courses in the area that are good for a quick 9/18 in the afternoon, or maybe 18 in a morning before I hop on a flight home? Basically what would be the easiest course/best course for last minute booking.


Eagle Landing: Golf Tee Times at Eagle Landing Golf Club Orange Park, FL


The trio of Eagle Landing, Eagle Harbor, and Fleming Island are probably your best bets.

May want to be more specific in the Jax area thread:


Does Splash of OJ offer a national membership? Daughter just committed to Miami so my once-yearly sojourn to FL will soon become multiple visits per annum.


For you. Of course we do.


Oh hell yeah



If it’s any consolation, and in an act of desperation, her BF applied to FSU once he found out she was leaning toward The U.

“To be close.”

LOL. Stupid kids.


With that level of thinking, he will fit right in at FSU. He’s gonna love those 7 hour car rides


Hello Friends, I have some training near MIA airport the first three weeks of May. Gonna bring the sticks and trying to play on at least two of the weekends and maybe some evening rounds as well. Would love any recs people have for the area and would be willing to meet up if anyone is up for that. No plans rn other than trying to play the park. Cheers

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Splash of OJ Bracket Challenge


$10 entry

1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

$25 Venmo @jshadinger

@ASplashOfOJ ^

Also have one spot at Huntington Hills in Lakeland on Sunday at 8:36a if anyone is interested.

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Hello Splash of OJ! Andrew here from the Electric Phactory. Myself and 6 buddies will be in west Palm from April 4-7 for a golf trip. Wondering what the best strategies are for getting tee times as part of the general public. I’ve been able to get us booked at Abacoa for Saturday the 6th. We are looking to play a twilight round on the 4th at the palm beach par 3. Then Friday we plan to do 36, a morning round at either sandhill crane/osprey point, then a late afternoon round at nbp cc. Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated! Also any other course recs you think are worth it! Thanks in advance!!