Roll Call: Duval

I figured there would have already been one of these, given its proximity to the Killhouse, but figured it’d be good to have a thread for Jacksonville-area golfers.

Moved down to Jax a few years ago, so I kind of play all over the place, from North Hampton all the way down to St. Augustine. Live near Riverside, so I obviously put in time at Hyde Park. Huge fan of the Eagle Landing deal, as well: 18, cart, breakfast, lunch, and two draft beers.

Any long-time residents know of any hidden gems?

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Finally. A little embarrassed one of us didn’t start this thread already. But yeah, me, @Soly and @Tron are here. Need to set up some games. I’ll hammer.


Queens Harbor, St Johns Golf and Country Club, and South Hampton are good tough tracks, all you want from the tips. I’m partial to Queens Harbor as my parents live there, they’ve really done a good job getting the course back into good shape the last couple of years, the bunkers still have to much damn sand in them, but other than that it is solid and has some very funky greens(#9 is unfair, just a warning). They also just reconstructed the bar/restaurant and it is awesome(I can’t wait to be able to hang out there for Masters week) and the new chef there is fantastic.

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Obviously if you can find hook ups, the private courses are off the charts. Timiquana, San Jose, Jax CC, Pablo Creek, Sawgrass CC, Ponte Vedra Ocean, Marsh Landing, The Plantation, Glenn Kernan, all are really good.

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Hidden Hills is good, used to be private but recently opened to public, very undulating, always enjoyed it and it wasn’t well known.

Present and accounted for.

Tampa here, but would totally make the drive for a game of wolf hammer with people who understand the rules.

Same. Would be 1000% in on the creation of the NLU cup. A Florida based Wolf Hammer game that could be played in Jax/Tampa/Orlando. I’ve been looking for a good reason to take out a second mortgage anyways.

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Only Duval? Every now and then on GolfNow, you can get a great deal on the Omni Amelia Island courses. The Ocean Course is stunning, and if you can somehow get a tee time at Oak Marsh near sundown, the views are like nothing I’ve ever seen on a golf course. Fleming Island was a fun course and doesn’t get much love.

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Hahaha was just referring to Jax as the natives do. Love the Amelia Island Plantation courses, but haven’t played them since I was in high school. Liked the vibe at Fleming Island, but not positive it’s worth the haul from Riverside.

Ocean Links is in ruins now, with 80% of the bunkers and greens bulldozed.

I’m a Riverside resident and have been playing golf around northeast and central Florida for the last 27 years.

As @mankowa said, there are some solid courses in the area but the ones I’d call hidden gems are Eagle Landing and Omni Amelia Island Plantation’s Oak Marsh (resort pass or GolfNow).

North Hampton tends to be in good shape as does the WGV King & Bear, St. Johns, and South Hampton. It’s good to see Queen’s Harbour back on the upswing because I grew up playing there and its conditions had been, ahem, variable, for a long time.

Hahahahaha, variable is very gracious. Yeah, it made me mad because that place has always had the potential to be 1 of the top clubs in town with the course along with the yacht club lock system they have.

I’ve never played it but I’ve heard White Oak Plantation is amazing and every once in a while I see it on Golf Now.

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White Oak is a truly awesome experience. It’s one nine with an alternate set of tees that really does seem like a completely different set of holes.

I’ve played out there a few times and it runs a little under $140 for most of the day, which may seem steep but that rate includes range balls, lunch, and beer. While you’re out there you basically have the course to yourself.

And on the way in you can see actual rhinos and cheetahs.

Sweet, everyone I’ve ever talked to that’s played it says the same thing, need to go play it.

Just call the course and the head pro, Jamie Rogers, will let you know what days are available. It’s a trek to get to the course; the entire White Oak property is huge.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

I’m gonna be in Amelia Island for a week in early March, what are the best “ballin on a budget” courses in those parts? I’m willing to drive around an hour, maybe more if it’s a real gem of a track for a steal. Hyde park is already on the short list, btw.

Oak Marsh is on Amelia Island. Dye course with some good holes.

North Hampton is also a good one, not far from where you’ll be. Very difficult but some nice bunkering in a serene parkland feel. 10 is a really fun short par 4.

Both of those courses are reasonably priced.

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