South Florida

There must be a some people in the Palm Beach, Broward, & Dade areas that are looking for some new games or groups! Let’s get it goin!

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There’s a search function up top…it’s your best friend on this board.

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Heard…just trying to get something going as the existing thread didn’t seem to be catching on

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Down here in Dade and play Broward occasionally.

Playing tommorrow morning at Meadow Wood in Fort Pierce at 830 if anyone is interested

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Dang! Didn’t see this until today.

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@2ndGuyStripeShow pretty decent spot, greens were still recovering a little. I just want to play fast greens sooo badly right now.
Hard to beat for $20

Hey South Florida. I’m going to be down in Deerfield Beach for a couple of weeks and am looking for recommendations of places to play nearby. Any suggestions are appreciated.

@sods2012 There’s not a whole lot in the Deerfield area, but a little south in Plantation there’s a few that I can vouch for. Plantation Preserve is excellent, and so is Jacaranda. If you head a little north, Oalm Beach Par 3 is a must. 18 hole Ray Floyd designed Par 3 right on the beach. It’s a pleasure to walk.

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Check out Osprey Point and Park Ridge two Palm Beach County courses. Osprey is PURE, and Park Ridge is like nothing you’ll see down here. It’s built on top of an old dump so tons of elevation changes.

Bunch of Semi- Private clubs so it’s easy to pick up an afternoon tee time for like $30.


Just started playing Kinda seriously and and trying to play once a week around my work schedule. I really only have played lakeview in Delray the par 60 executive and have shot 85-90 there past few times maybe taking an extra tee shot or two just for practice.

What other good courses are there for beginners?

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Delray Beach Golf Club is where I grew up playing. Its a decent test for all skill levels, but won’t leave you frustrated as a high handicapper.

Also, It’s an easy walk… which is rare sometimes in Country Club Cart Golf down in SF.

Red Reef is a cool little executive on the Ocean in Boca Raton, again another easy walk.

Travel a little more north and Westchester Country Club is a semi-private club. Not necessarily walkable, but very laid back vibe and scorable golf course.

Southwinds is a Palm Beach County course in West Boca. It’s a short track and they have a cool driving range.

Depending on where you work/live Palm Beach Par 3 is awesome super walkable, again on the ocean. Raymond Floyd design, kind of tough for beginners but worth shooting 20 over just to walk to course.

Happy Hunting !


Down here in Dade County!

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Awesome, thanks for the help!

Checking in from dade and getting ready to purchase that Premier card.

Flexible schedule if willing to venture to south Broward or anywhere in dade.

SoFLA, come on up and let’s play in the heat for charity!

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update for the SSI mentioned above:

date moved to June 27th so the event isn’t on Father’s day and the Sunday of the US Open

raffle bump

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I’m playing Winston Trails on Saturday 7/10 at 1:59pm with a buddy of mine. The other two spots are open, so if you’re interested please feel free to join us!

Edit: @2ndGuyStripeShow you around Saturday afternoon?