Roll call Florida refugees

Trying to get a feel for our Sunshine State crew, PGA club pro currently residing in Vero Beach but would really love to tee it up with some fellow enthusiasts. I’m game to travel anywhere and my in-laws live just south of Jacksonville so I make the pilgrimage up pretty consistently.
Let’s go launch em!


this is one step below “Roll Call: Anyone like golf?!”


Just testing the waters, some of these threads haven’t been active for awhile Figuring with a larger net might be able to line something up.

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I’m in Sarasota and play out of SaraBay CC

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I live in Jupiter and always down to drive a little to play. Hit me up!

Figured I could thrown this here too.

Jupiter - However Jupiter now has no more room for golfers, it’s full, sorry Phil I know you fancy gambling against MJ but we are closed.

Sorry got distracted. Yep fortunately I am living the JupeLife

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Have any of my fellow FL refugees played either of the Raynor courses, Mountain Lake or Lake Wales cc? During our stay at home stint, I dove DEEP down the historic rabbit hole and have made a list of interesting tracks to check out this summer. Anyone have any inside info on either/ other recommendations/ care to join?

Lake Wales is a Ross. Mountain Lake and Everglades are Raynor’s and are both great

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Mountain Lake is pretty special, just a timeless place all the way around. Unfortunately they are closed in the summer, also might be tough to get out since they are pretty tightly private.


Is this incorrect or were the “significant changes” done by Ross and others over the years?

@PGA_ALLTHEWAY thanks for the info pro. Had a feeling they might close during the summer. Any knowledge if they are PGA member friendly? Been fortunate so far writing/calling out to places the last few summers. Would love to hit it up in shoulder season.

That’s the first I’ve ever seen of that. I just showed it to our club historian who’s part of DRoss society and he said that it’s all Ross. Take it for what it’s worth.

The only two true Seth Raynor designs that can be 100% proven are Everglades and Mountain Lake. Both are wonderful and worth every penny of the guest fee if you can get on.

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I think Anthony Pioppi would be a great person to reach out to if you’re looking for Raynor research

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I would say it’s possible, just really depends on the timing

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Would love to pick your historians brain at SB. I’ve discovered so much I didn’t know about Srq/Bradentucky golf. Some of the pics of the OG Bobby Jones Ross layout are wild. Found some crazy stuff about my current home track Fort Myers cc as well.

Just so you are aware, mountain lake doesn’t operate for 1/2 the year. When they are open, they don’t allow unaccompanied play unless sponsored by a member which is rare

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I also just realized that you’re CBaldwin :rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s TBell fool

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BRUH I know. Hahaha wasn’t sure you knew it was me

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I never clicked on your photo haha. My bad homie

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