(Scoring at Post 366) Florida Meetup - The StrappedDraw at Palatka Golf Club, August 1st

As I’m sure some others were/will be bummed to see the absence of a Florida NIT qualifier (@eddieb85, @JCO, @OffTheDole, @2down, @mthoma12, and others I’m probably missing), I’d like to propose an idea I’ve been kicking around that I’m calling the StrappedDraw. Thinking if we get enough traction we might be able to get it recognized as an NIT qualifier. A <$500 weekend dedicated to municipal golf and infrastructure, this event would retrace the train trip Tron and Randy took on their visit to WP9. I think the event could also appeal to those currently discussing train development in the air travel thread (@RobertHunter, @gatorz7888, @mearley44). Sample itinerary below:


-3PM Golfers arrive in Orlando in time for the Friday afternoon skins game at Winter Park 9.

-3:30PM - 7:30PM. Play in WP9 Friday afternoon skins game. Time for additional loops at WP9 or hang out in Winter Park

-7:49PM Amtrak 92 Silver Star departure for Palatka with socializing on the train

-9:15PM arrive into Palatka

-Stay at waterfront Holiday Inn in downtown Palatka


-8AM - Palatka GC reserved all day for us. Morning round followed by a freestyle afternoon with cross-country routings, etc. Some absolutely disgusting holes in the cross-country routing.

-3:29PM - depart for Jacksonville on Amtrak 98 Silver Meteor

-5:07PM - Arrive into Jacksonville

-Play nearby Brentwood GC until dark

-Transportation arranged to Jax Beach

-Airbnb’s in Jax Beach


-Sunrise service on the beach for all members of The Church of St. Rappeo followed by a dawn patrol round at Jax Beach.

-12PM Transportation to Jacksonville airport for those flying out.

A weekend of affordable golf and infrastructure.


Golf and trains? Did you read my dream journal?


Love the enthusiasm. We’ll see if we can gain some #traction

Palatka and WP9 abut the tracks.

I would hesitate to label this an NIT qualifier from go, though. We don’t know if this is something that the boys are gonna be interested, and it’d be a shame for a bunch of people to start grabbing flights and hotels under the assumption that an NIT qualifying spot is up for grabs only for that not to pan out.

Generally across the board, I think we should just keep planning events like we normally do, and if it blows up then we can talk to the guys about it. Otherwise we’re gonna end up with 100 competing events and no real clear idea of what’s going on.


That’s why I put a question mark in the topic title and specifically mentioned it would need to gain support. In no way wanted to represent it as such just that it had the potential to become one.

I’m from TN but would not mind traveling to do that!

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No, for sure! Just wanted to get that idea out in the open in this thread, which I’m 100% sure is going to be the first of many threads trying to make a similar event to get an NIT qualifier.


Love it.

Trying to capitalize on a first-mover advantage

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Should for sure make it very clear in this, from the get-go, if this is conditional on being OKd as a qualifier / whether it will happen if qualifier is a no-go.

Meetups are dope! Y’all should do this either way, for sure, IMO, but, I’m not local, so…


This sounds sick. I’m from PA, but I would fly in for this wonderful weekend if possible.

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as if that matters


This is wildly creative and you can count me in for all of it.

Well done, @NoLayovers.


I totally agree with your feedback and I’ve been kicking around this idea for a few months. The absence of a Florida NIT qualifier was just the impetus for me to finally pitch it to the group at large. If enough people are in I will make it happen.


Just looking out for you/the group, as a regional captain I know how painful it can be to organize events and have people buck plans.

Just make sure you get commitments that are clear - “in if qualifier”, “in either way”, etc. Best of luck!


Honestly, it was a little surprising to see no Florida NIT options.

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THE NIT is in FL though…

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Please understand, I’m just being selfish and Jax Beach is my home course.

What I was hoping to be able to do was my normal hour before tee-time routine of rolling out of bed, stopping by Wawa for a burrito, and heading to Jax Beach.



Come on down…