Roll Call: Tampa Golfers



Feel free to share with others on Thursday and Friday. Real possibility I’m only able to attend on the day that has a cut, haha.

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I move in next wednesday so I’ll probably be a little too busy but if soly is in contention on saturday I might have to try to tag along @NoLayovers

I emailed Joe Hodge, the head pro at Palma Ceia and asked if this was open to the public to spectate. His response was Yes, but food and drink is member charge only. Might try to go Friday morning to watch for a little bit before my 1 pm tee time on the other side of the Bay.

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Also, side note, when are we going to organize a Tampa outing? @NoLayovers @tsweat345 @2down

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Well, my work trip to Clearwater wound up being crazy-busy so I couldn’t run over to either of these courses, but the itinerary ended up including a round at Belleair CC!

What a wonderful welcome they gave us! We had four tee times early on Thursday morning on the west course. Our foursome arrived early, had breakfast and were generally treated like it was our home. Super windy but clear day, the course was a blast and a ton of fun. Those approaches to the greens are pretty wild…

So the four of us (one sales guy from our vendor, and three other strangers) figure, what the hell - we have a few hours free tomorrow. Maybe they’ll let us play again? So we ask one of the asst pros, he sends us to his Director of Golf and he couldn’t have been better about it. “Sure, why not? Early? First tee time? Same course or the east?” Just super cool of them. Killer pro shop too - leather headcovers, GFore shoes, tons of neat stuff for women.

We came back early Friday, and promptly all got our asses kicked by the east course. Loads of water, narrower targets, but with no overseeding I way preferred the conditions - tighter fairways and bigger, rolling greens.

Cannot say enough good things about my experience there. Crossing my fingers I get invited back on this trip next year!

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Tampa guy here. One of my goals for this year is to actually get out and start playing some more of the courses that are outside of Tampa Proper. It’s too easy for me to make excuses to not play because I don’t want to spend 5 hrs at at a muni so the goal is to actually start traveling the 45-60 minutes outside of Tampa to get to some better courses maybe once a month.

Definitely will be playing Streamsong a few times once the Florida rate kicks back in during summer, World Woods, Southern Hills, maybe some of the courses down in the Sarasota area, etc. (Might still be 5hr round but at least it’s 5 hrs on a well conditioned course). Otherwise I usually stick to Macdill South or Mangrove.

Always looking for people to play this miserably wonderful game with.

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Soly had a fine 71 in the first round.

Rough Friday round for Soly. I sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted to play on Friday. Overcast in the 50s with 10-15mph wind, no thanks. Too bad they didn’t have today’s weather…

I am going to be down in Tampa for work week of March 9th. I am looking to get in 1 or 2 afternoon rounds. Any course recommendations for some affordable relaxing golf?
I will be on the south side of Tampa near the Port Manatee.

Glad you enjoyed it! I worked there back in college for a few years and still play out there every now and then. Maintain some good relationships with a bunch of members there. Director of Golf is Jim Slattery, been there forever.

Its too bad the West course is getting completely redone in a month or so. The new course they are going to build looks amazing, but the west has so much history to it. You can blast it 3 fairways over and still have a shot at the green, pretty wild.

Always enjoyed the East cause it presented a little bit more shot making to protect itself seeing its only like 6200 yds from the back tees. 18 east is pretty stupid though.

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Hey, gang. Obligatory longtime lurker, listener of the pod, watcher of the the YouTube, and now first time poster.

I’m making an attempt to be active here in the Refuge to help keep the spark and get me out on the course more frequently. I mainly play at Cypress Creek, Diamond Hill, Bloomingdale and occasionally Buckhorn Springs. I do not currently have a handicap, but i would put it around an 18-20 right now. I regularly shoot low 90s and have snuck into the high 80s a couple times.

My goal in 2020 is to get an official handicap and start working on improving my game, especially with accuracy off the tee.



Yeah, I got chatting to a member in the parking lot who mentioned the total re-do coming. Was very excited to have more holes on the water… I mean, I get it I guess. But even on one visit it pained me slightly that they’re blowing up a piece of golf history.

Also, hard agree on 18 on the east…

Any course recs, for the Palmetto/Ruskin area? I will be a working out of that area for a week. Want to get a couple rounds in

I mean…Streamsong is only an hour. There’s a ton of golf nearby, but I haven’t played many of the courses. A lot of housing development courses so I’d read the golfadvisor reviews and take a look at google maps before setting foot on any of them.

I played an afternoon nine at Cypress Creek yesterday over in Ruskin. Very fun track and course was in great shape. Not a lot of traffic going through it since they aren’t on GolfNow. Fair warning, prices can be a bit steep early, but it’s perfect for a late tee time.

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Okay awesome I was looking at this one as a possible course to play. Thanks for the info

What public course in the greater Tampa area has the best practice facilities? Going to try to make an effort to practice more and maybe even walk 9 after work once or twice a week when time changes.

Rogers Park is probably your best bet

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