Roll Call: Fort Myers/Naples

Fort Myers here as well. Always looking for guys to tee it up around here and for some quick day trips as well.

@O.BKeeler - any interest in playing this weekend?

Yeah I’m down. I’m off Saturday. Where do you normally play?

Nowhere specifically, especially right now with many of the courses restricting outside play. Been procrastinating on getting a PGA pass.

Gotcha. Lemme ask around the next couple days and see what I can drum up besides the usual.

I saw this roll call was gaining some traction, so I’ll just leave this here.

Make sure to check the update on post 133 and sign up on the google sheet.


Hi all. I’m not sure which Florida thread to post in but I live in Boca Grande which is about an hour south of Sarasota but we’re technically in Lee County. I work for The Gasparilla Inn & Club. We have an 18 hole Pete Dye course on the water. Looking forward to connecting with some folks!

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@Uniballer - welcome! Happy to include you here and excited to see our group gaining some momentum. Hopefully we can all meet up soon.

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I was just up there for a wedding last November. That looks like a fun track!

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Welcome! Good to see the 239 and surroundings gaining some numbers on here. From those I’ve talked to in this thread, it looks like July is going to be best to all get together when more clubs are open. Is Gasparilla closed for summer?

Thank you! Yes unfortunately we close on June 21st and the rest of the month is jammed with people getting last minute vacations in.

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Hello FL crew. My father just moved not far from the Gasparilla and I’m excited to get down there and play it. What other courses in the area do you guys recommend? Best bang for you buck, and still interesting course. The rotonda courses do not look great.

How far are you looking to travel? If you wanted to head down to Fort Myers/Estero/Naples you’d have some pretty good options.


I posted this yesterday - we have 2 similar threads going. I’m going to see if there’s a way to merge (or delete one) to keep continuity as a lot of the stuff overlaps.


I’m willing to travel.

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North of where your staying, Heron Creek is a great option if conditions are like they used to be. But as stated above, the world is your oyster with a PGA pass in Ft Myers/Naples, as long as clubs are open to outside play which as of today is only a few of the better places.


Hey everyone,

New to the forum and looking to connect with other golfers in the area who would be interested in forming a group to play with on a semi regular basis.

Our small group consists of guys in our late 20s/early 30s with handicaps ranging from 5-15.

Ready to tee it up, now that the snowbirds are heading north for the summer.


Maybe someone can help- I’m trying to figure out what golf course I played in the mid-90’s with my father-in-law.

We were staying at Ft. Myers Beach and I believe we travelled north. I think I recall palm trees on the course and I think it was fairly new- I seem to remember a work trailer type building. May have had two parallel holes separated by a long pond or stream.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Basically describes every course in Florida. Do you remember anything else from the course?


Where are you at Dr? I live in Fort Myers, looking to get back out there now that rates are reasonable and traffic has subsided.

I usually play Fort Myers CC. Easy walk and is always in great shape.