Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Very short answer, yes.


Ok, thanks. Hoping some flexibility in dates / times and calling early will help our chances.

One of my resolutions for next year is going to play in a competitive tournament - with that said, does anyone know when WSGA posts their schedule for 2022?


Early 2022 typically but if you ask @Syvm64 he might tell you the secret to finding it.

Might be a bit different with Bill leaving though.


I think last year it was in the January issue if Wisconsin Golfer magazine/newsletter. Looking forward to my third run at Net Partners!

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Yep. I’ve got the whole thing. I’m traveling right now but if I get the chance I’ll post it later this evening/tomorrow. Let me know if there are specific events you are interested in because my “way” takes a bit and sifting through all the Net Partners and Senior Tour events is a pain if I don’t have to. @ajvhandel

For me, fourball, am (like 99% sure I remember it being SV either this year or next) and qualifiers, and mid-am.

Same as @midwestgolfbum + the two man championship that was at WC this year

Ok @midwestgolfbum, @ajvhandel @DiscoSchlitz and anyone else who is interested in this right now - Here is the unofficial WSGA schedule this year as far as I can tell. I left off the Net Partners, Senior Tour and Women’s Events. If you are looking for those, I might be able to post those later - or just wait until January when the schedule is officially posted by the WSGA. Obviously, all subject to change as I am just scraping the WSGA site for these and dates/locations could change.

WSGA Four-Ball 6/9-6/12 South Hills GCC

Match Play Champ 6/20-6/23 Lawsonia Links
Match Play Qual 5/25 Reedsburg
Match Play Qual 5/27 Bullseye
Match Play Qual 6/1 Mascoutin
Match Play Qual 6/2 Watertown CC
Match Play Qual 6/14 Dretzka Park

State Am 7/18-7/21 Sand Valley
State Am Qual 6/27 Riverside
State Am Qual 6/28 Whispering Springs
State Am Qual 6/29 Naga-Waukee
State Am Qual 6/29 Northbrook Golf
State Am Qual 6/30 Bass Lake GC
State Am Qual 7/5 Oakwood Park
State Am Qual 7/5 LaCrosse CC
State Am Qual 7/6 The Bog
State Am Qual 7/6 Bergamont
State Am Qual 7/7 Turtleback
State Am Qual 7/7 Lake Arrowhead - Lakes

WSGA Mid-Am 9/19-9/20 Strawberry Creek

2-Man Team Championship 10/2-10/3 Hawks Landing GC

Junior Boys Champ 8/1-8/3 The Oaks
Par 3 Champ 8/11 Sand Valley

Senior Match Play 7/11-7/14 Stevens Point CC
Senior Four Ball 7/27-7/28 Butte Des Morts
Senior Am 8/29-8/30 Blackhawk CC

Scramble Series Champ 9/14 Wild Rock
Scramble Series #1 5/18 Blackwolf Run - MV
Scramble Series #2 6/6 The Bog
Scramble Series #3 7/27 The Oaks
Scramble Series #4 8/7 Lawsonia Links
Scramble Series #5 8/22 Strawberry Creek
Scramble Series #6 9/6 South Hills GCC

USGA Open Qual 5/11 Wild Rock
USGA Senior Open Qual 5/19 Hidden Glen
USGA Junior Am Qual 6/17 Blackhawk CC
USGA Am Qual 6/30 Watertown CC
USGA Senior Am Qual 6/29 Morningstar
USGA Mid-Am Qual 8/8 Blackhawk CC
USGA Mid-Am Qual 8/23 Merrill Hills
USGA Four Ball Qual 9/28 Washington County

WPLA Ray Fischer 6/24-6/26 Riverside
WPLA Mid-Am / Senior 7/9-7/10 Riverside
WPLA Billy Sixty 7/23-7/24 Dretzka Park
WPLA 36 Hole Champ 9/10-9/11 Naga-Waukee


No old head?



Think they stole the idea from the Ope-in??

Thanks @Syvm64! Now to look and plan where to play at

Any of you fools going to the Packer game tomorrow? I’ll be there!


Knowing rich guys is fun.


Go Pack Go! Enjoy!

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:wave: :wave: :wave:

Hello there Wisconsin. Pacific Northwesterner (and WAZZU alum) here who is heading to Madison in September for the Cougs/Badgers game. We’ll be in Wisconsin from 9/9-9/14. Rough agenda:

(The original plan was Sand Valley, but apparently they are booked up for 2022 already… lesson learned).

  • 9/9 arrive in Chicago, drive to Madison
  • 9/10 tailgate the hell out of the football game
  • 9/11 head to Kohler, playing Blackwolf Run (Meadow Valleys)
  • 9/12 Playing Whistling Straits (Straits and Irish)
  • 9/13 Playing Blackwolf Run (River) in the afternoon
  • 9/14 Fly out of Milwaukee

We would love to connect with as many Refugees as possible while there, both for the game as well as some golf. We might have some open spots in our foursomes (we have 4 tee times) and we might try to sneak in another 18 either at Lawsonia or Erin Hills so the options to join us should be endless. Also open to any and all Wisconsin suggestions, golf or non-golf.

cc: @decentschott


Hi guys

I’ve tried to read up on the thread and figure out where the hell I need to sign up for things as a newbie to the WI gang. But with the chicago roost talk and other topics in here I’m not 100% sure

Can someone guide me


@Ragsy47, welcome!

You’re in the right spot, for sure.

First Wisconsin based event for 2022 is the 2nd Annual Burban Memorial NLU Golf Classic at Spring Valley Country Club in Salem Lakes.

Sign up and welcome aboard!

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Did not know Abbey Springs went under the knife in July.

Lots of progress pictures. Been a long time since I’ve been there, will be interesting to see in the spring.


Speaking of that area, has anyone played big foot? How is it?

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Bigfoot is awesome. Really fun Bendelow course that got a pretty good restoration job a few years ago.
If anyone offers to get you on jump at the chance.
My favorite course in LG by a mile.

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