Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Yeah I’m gonna try and get out there this season. It’s somewhat odd to me that it and LGCC aren’t included on any “lists”. Not that lists mean much but their flat out omission is surprising. Even on something like top100golf who goes pretty deep. :man_shrugging:t2:

My dad and his buddies had the single worst golf experience ever at LGCC. They got “asked to leave” after 6 holes b/c they had a member buy them beer. :rofl: not even joking. Luckily they went over to Bigfoot and the day turned out great but just wow. Still laugh about it today. My dads friend is in the golf industry and brought the head pro a nice gift bag and custom putter for getting them out there and they still got “asked to leave”.


wow that’s just bizarre!

i played LGCC this past year with a friend. the member we played with was extremely nice and gracious. i thought, overall, it was far less “stuffy” than i thought it would be.

the course itself didn’t blow me away… but it’s an awesome spot, great views, and it was fun.

Nailed it.


New here, originally from Kansas. Moved to MKE about 5 yrs ago.


I think the issue with putting private courses in the Lake Geneva area on a list, is that a lot of people who are members there prefer the exclusivity and mystery of their courses. They are much different than Bluemound or Westmoor in the fact that they are part of the CDGA (Chicago Golf District) and are in a strange place for people who want to get out there.

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I hear you.

It’s still interesting to me. There are far more exclusive and prestigious clubs included on lists, ya know?

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Looks like SentryWorld redid their pricing structure. $275 now gets you 18 holes + all-inclusive food & booze on the course. They also stretched out tee time intervals to 20 minutes. Thoughts?

I hold SentryWorld a bit lower than others, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask. That being said…

Is it a good course, sure. To make it worth $275 to me, I’m going to be shit-faced when I get off the course…

I guess in the end I just find it a little odd. Is that what we’re asking for in a golf course experience?

I haven’t played there myself, but based on other’s opinions I’ve heard, I had the same thoughts on the volume of booze needed to make it worth it.

I kinda understand the experience pitch that they’re trying to bring, but anyone who is a golf psycho would be much better off driving the 45 minutes and paying less for SV/MD. Now does it have a market for those who don’t like walking, or those trying to network/solidify a deal on the course? Of course. I’m just out on it.


I continue to be astounded by what they’re doing up there. If they made it unlimited golf I could see this being an OK deal. Let’s say you somehow squeeze $100 out of the food and bev, sentry world is not a $175 course to play once.


Piling on to sentry (I like doing this even more than the oaks). You could play bullseye cc and spcc for $170, and still have plenty of cash left over for drinks, brats, and a stop at Belt’s Soft Serve in Point.


Let’s not go too crazy here… Not once at SW did I feel like I had a measurable chance of dying from a flying golf ball from multiple directions at the same time.

Ignoring the 20 minute tee times piece, as I think that’s a bit over the top. (I get that they’re trying to space things out so it feels like you have the course to yourself, but I guarantee if I ever do play this, I’ll still either catch up to the group in front or be paired with Kevin Na.)

What’s the right price for 18 holes/cart/unlimited food for SW? $200? I feel like that would be a price that would make me think about it. Maybe $225? Hell, who am I kidding, I would need someone else to be paying for me, and my employer doesn’t have a corporate card that gets opened for this sort of thing…


I would personally pay $20 to play there again. It does nothing for me.

We have also established I’m a spoiled little bitch so what I say probably doesn’t matter.


but what about the flowers?

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Read my lips: the oaks still sucks!

Growing up in Marathon county, sentryworld was the closest premier public. I’m mostly holding a grudge to how they’ve changed to become less and less accessible over the years.

Someone who plays the typical munis in my home county might take one decent golf trip a year. IMO sentry has priced themselves out of being considered, which is a shame. Take your money to sand valley and get better courses and a better experience.


Pollen allergies, so to be very blunt, fuck them flowers.

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SPCC is amazing value. Thanks DuPont Chemical