Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

I’ve got about 3 hours of driving today back and forth to Madison, so I’ll give it a listen.

And, given the participation in the matchplay last year, it could be possible for me to do it, I just don’t have the time to sit on a monthly call, as is required.

Also, so long as @MerchCzar and team promise to not totally screw me by planning some regional event adjacent to the Ope-in part deux, which is going to be the same weekend (I hope), I’ll be okay.


Yeah, sounds like the Ope-In being separate works to remain a NIT qualifier. There’s just going to be overlap with the match play lead-in.

Really makes the Burban Memorial possibly turn into a Roost v. Roost event.

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Yeah, FWIW I think it would be really silly if we have one of these Roost clubs and it’s not really involved with the match play and Ope-In.

@midwestgolfbum if you need any organizing / logistical help, or just a stooge who can sit on a call once a month I’m only a PM away.

(and I’ll make sure my club doesn’t schedule the club championship on that weekend again this year)


I’m just a lurker on the Wisconsin thread, but I agree with this and could add that I believe the Chicago roost is going to fold in our bigger local events into the Roost for this reason.

The ope-in should probably even be like an elevated regional roost qualifier.

I’m down for any SE Wisconsin events you all plan and I’ve noodled planning a Mini-Mudness if there’s interest! Wouldn’t need to be a roost event just a way to kickoff the szn. Eagle Springs perhaps :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


I guess as long as we can get to 20 nest members who are interested, we can go through with it.

If not; I can plan the matchplay again easily along side the Ope-in.

@PTM i love the sound of that.

@blakehall and @TeddyPargame appreciate you both.

All here, I’m trying to get the 19th and 20th of August for Lawsonia with the same format as this year. Once I have solid confirmation that we can do it, it will go into the wild.


Appreciation is all on this side of the table

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I really need to listen to the Nest pod… Everything I’ve read between last night and this morning regarding Roosts just confuses the hell out of me…


I still have not figured out how to play the nest pods. I use Itunes usually if anyone can help it would be appreciated

Directly within iTunes, I’m not sure at the moment.

If you have the Apple Podcasts app available to you (I’m looking on my iPhone), there’s a … in the upper right hand corner when you are in the Library. Select the “Add a Show by URL” option, and then paste in the URL from your Nest profile.


Most likely out of laziness, but I never looked up how to listen to the Nest pod on iTunes. Would just use the link sent to my Outlook and keep track of the time when I left off. This is a game changer sir.


We got the post-mini-Mudness here:


Thank you it worked!!!

@grandpa_jones you live in Moline but want to join our Roost? Will you bring ice cream and pizza with?

if it’s Whitey’s and Happy Joe’s than YES, also acceptable is Harris Pizza


Taco preferably from Happy Joes.

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I’ll introduce you to the miracle that is “Nacho Joe” Its a taco pizza with some nacho cheese baked in. I tried going back to regular taco after and its not even close.


Lake Lawn popping right now! Just a drive by for me. Hope some of y’all are playing today.


Nest podcast will be in my ear driving to Sparta tomorrow, so I can catch up on the Roost topic. Aug 19-20 at Lawsonia will work nicely and not conflict with the Viroqua Open in 2022.

And in other news, I almost went the entire season NOT playing The Oaks, but the last nice weekend and a pesky neighbor broke my streak. We played holes 8 & 9 in a speedy 45 minutes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Hey northern neighbors,

I’m scoping out a golf weekend with my Dad for May 2022 and was eyeing up Mammoth and the Sandbox for one of the days. Is there normally any difficulty in getting a tee time 30 days out for a twosome (looking at a Friday)?