Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Good afternoon,

I wanted to create a space for Wisconsin golfers to network, share information, ask questions, etc.

As for me, I am from the Milwaukee area and graduated from the UW in 2012 and have been working in Madison ever since. I started playing golf over the summer of 2016 and am fully addicted. I currently play off a 14.9.

Cheers and I look forward to connecting with WI folks on here!


(General FYI, this is exactly how we pictured this board functioning)


Green Bay here.

I’ve lived in Superior and Madison for over a decade each too.

I’m currently a 5.7.

Looking forward to meeting more cheesehead hackers!

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I’m born and raised in the Milwaukee area. Not positive what my handicap is but it’s probably anywhere from 15-20 or so. Remember when it was warm enough to go play?

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The 715 checking in. Born and raised in Eau Claire. Worked in Madison for three years after grad school. Living in Michigan now, but Wisconsin will always be home.

If any Badgers make their way to SE Michigan/NW Ohio and want a game, shoot me a note and let’s tee it up!

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Love the Wisco checkin! I was raised in Superior, WI and now live and work in Eau Claire, WI. Love the Roling Oaks course in Barron, WI.


I’m from Georgia, born and raised, but I LOVE Wisconsin! you guys do summer the right way. Love the people, and cannot get enough of the golf! Been multiple times and already hit SV last year and want to go back for Mammoth! I dont understand why the entire state doesn’t evacuate in Nov and return in May! No state does public golf better than Wisky!

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Born and raised in Hayward, WI. While I am now on the east coast, I still have parents/brothers in Hayward, so I make it home fairly often. Clubs are always along.
Some of my best golf memories are playing around melting snow patches in late April, and chilly “fall golf” that starts in late September. (That leaves about 6 months of chipping over the recliner onto a putting mat in the living room.)
Favorite courses are Big Fish Golf Club, and Hayward GC.


414 home. Could have played on Saturday with snow on the ground and 50 degrees! Looking forward to some great rounds this year. Who’s with me?

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Not gonna lie, I thought about it - The Bridges in Madison still had flags in the last time I drove by.I was lucky enough to get to play a few rounds in AZ over the holidays, but my last WI round looks like it was on 11/26.

Give me weather in the 40’s and greens that aren’t frozen and I will probably be out there.

Are there any courses you all are excited to try around Wisconsin once this place thaws out? I’m assuming Kohler and Sand Valley are on everyone’s lists, but is there anyplace else?

Madison resident here and Nakoma Golf Club member. Currently a 5.8 which the WSGA tells me is my 12 month high (thanks for that). Fairly well traveled through southern Wisconsin courses as I played the junior tournament circuit growing up here.


I’m hoping to find some folks to make the trip to Erin Hills with me this spring/summer.

Otherwise most of what I have planned are courses I’ve already played at least once.

I haven’t played many courses near Milwaukee though. One of these years I’ll need to remedy that. I’d love to find a way onto some of the older architectural gems in the southern portion of the state.

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Milwaukee checking in. Grew up in Texas, moved to Madison for grad school, and now I’m here. (I always question why I stayed when winter rolls around and there’s no golf for 6 months). I’ve played most of the courses in/around Madison, but not many around Milwaukee. If you’ve got any course recommendations or want to get together and play once the snow melts, let me know!


Madison resident and member at Hawks Landing. Playing off a 4.3 (career low). Wisconsin courses I most need to play:

  1. Mammoth Dunes
  2. Blue Mound
  3. Milwaukee CC
  4. Lawsonia
  5. SentryWorld

Yep, looking to get onto Mammoth, but havent played the courses near the UP. Milwaukee county courses can be fun. Their rates are starting to get a little high, but Oakwood for long and open, Whitnall for old and tight, and Grant for old growth/fun tee shots and fish fry. Otherwise, Broadlands to the southwest and the Bull to the north are fun.

How is SentryWorld? Worth going to instead of The Irish or Blackwolf?

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What’s up fellas. Born and raised in Milwaukee, but as of January 1, now residing in STL. Still have family and friends in the area so will be back for sure to see them so when it’s nice enough to get in 18, I certainly will. Played Sand Valley and the preview 9 at Mammoth last summer and it is truly out of this world. Itching to come back and play the full 18 at Mammoth when it opens in the spring. Otherwise big fan of Washington County as well.

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Born and raised in Appleton, WI (Shoutout Reid Municipal)
Currently living in Chicago.

What are everyone’s top 3 courses in Wisconsin that they’ve played? (Let’s exclude all Kohler properties, Sand Valley/Mammouth and Erin Hills)

Mine are:
-Lawsonia Golf Links
-Milwaukee CC
-University Ridge

  • Old Hickory
  • Bristlecone Pines
  • Lawsonia Links as well

Surprised to see U Ridge on your list to be honest.

Life long WI resident. Been in Madison most of past 15 years.

Not overly well traveled to the nicer courses in WI, but if I had to pick three excluding those mentioned (of which I’ve only played two of the seven):

  • Lawsonia Links
  • University Ridge (I consider it my home course)
  • Wild Rock