Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - 2024 RTGS Sign-Ups in Post 2715

Any other NLU fans around the Tacoma area?


Seattle born and raised here! Currently going to UW.

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Tacoma Area here! Home Course is my Home Course. But have the twilight membership at North Shore as well.

how’s the Home Course looking right now? I haven’t made it over there this year yet.

I am located in Silverdale. I have played the “Sprinkler Special” out at North Shore my fair share of times when I lived out that way.

I’m on Capitol Hill, just dusting off my game after about 8-9 years of inactivity at Jefferson Park. Moving to Tacoma later this summer and looking forward to trying out some of the South Sound courses.

give me a shout whenever you move this way. I work at Brookdale here in Tacoma. It’s closing at the end of the year unfortunately, another one of this area that’s selling out.

Grew up in Tacoma, live in Seattle now. Go Dawgs

Sorry for the late reply. It’s in great shape almost all year around

I play out of Jefferson in Seattle.

Sad to hear about Brookdale, I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while! The guy that built it, Al Smith, built Mt. Si before it was overgrown with trees and designed the current Glendale layout in Bellevue. He also worked on Jackson and Sand point cc I believe. Anyway, I’m gonna get down there before it closes.

I am helping next-gen golf out with the city tour events in the Seattle region this year. Our first tournament is on June 10th at the Home Course at 1 pm. Early bird pricing ends tomorrow, May 31! It’s a team event, sign up for either best ball or scramble, should be a blast. Here is the link if you are interested, let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey guys, not really a WA native, but I worked at Chambers Bay for the summer 2017 season and Fircrest Golf Club for the summer 2018 season. If anyone gets the chance to go play it, Aldarra Golf Club was unreal. Played out there last week and it was way more fun than Sahalee, which was my previous favorite course in the area.


Had a friend playing Chambers this evening and he sent me this joke:

“Which was sadder: The greens that the USGA killed or the plane crash?”

This is peak “Too Soon,” but I thought it was worth sharing because they saw the barrel roll and the plane crash from Chambers

Not my friends’ video, but this is pretty much what they got to watch as they were packing up the car!

Anyone around here play in the Puetz Winter Series events?

Was looking for one of these for us, happy it bumped up. Seattle local here - THERE ARE DOZENS OF US

I have not but am always looking for golf in the off months. What are these events like? Are they at stores all around the area?

If you look on the and click on the winter series it has all the tournaments on there. It’s just at courses around the south sound area mainly. They look interesting.

Nice, I’ll check that out. I’ve only been getting the email updates but haven’t looked into the entire series. My big goal in 2019 is to play more competitive rounds so this is cool.

Are you planning on playing anything?

Yeah I’m trying to get another buddy to join up so that we can play in them.

Are you looking at the 2 person scrambles? Those would probably be fun. I’m bummed I missed the stableford at Gold Mountain though, I think I’ll sign up for the March event in Port Ludlow.

Yeah I’m looking to play as many as I can to try and prep for the mid am this year.