Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - 2024 RTGS Sign-Ups in Post 2715

Not sure how many of us are in here, but anyone interested in getting a group together to roll into the spring? Maybe just catch a round if we see some nice weather? Even begin a Refuge Classic, PNW Chapter?

I’m slim on golfing partners this year and would love to play some tilt, or wolfhammer if you’d like to help me learn :sunglasses: I’m currently in Seattle but am happy to drive a bit to play some golf. Let me know!

I’m always game

I’m always down to play. Just need to find a course that’ll be good for everyone to get to.

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I’m on the Eastside…Down to join a few of you for some golf this summer.

I’m in Auburn, down to play an early morning game anytime.

How bad is the course there? I heard it stays soaked all winter. I’ve been playing at The Classic in Spanaway and I work at Brookdale in Tacoma/Parkland.

I can make it to spanaway/tacoma area if the courses are in decent condition. I haven’t played an actually round yet this year so I am not sure what they’re looking like

I’ve been playing at the Classic and at Spanaway Lake and nothing compares to the classic. They keep the greens pristine and roll true. Their course maintenance is top notch. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend so all the tee times are filling up.

Yeah that’s what I had read, which kind of prompted my first thought to post. Maybe we should start planning to play at t he classic for next weekend, the 2nd or 3rd, and see how the weather shakes out?

Yeah weather isn’t supposed to be good next weekend. These next few days are gonna be nice and then it’s gonna turn rainy again.

The Home Course in DuPont plays great in the winter. I play Oakbrook every Friday it also drains really well.

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Would definitely be down for some off season home course. I haven’t played there in a long time.

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I travel to Seattle a decent amount for work. What are some of the best places accessible from downtown that would be worth checking out if I drag my clubs out with me?

Played Home Course this weekend. It was in great shape. Would definitely get back out again.

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Fresh Report Looks like the Home Course is the move. When are you guys looking at getting out next? Maybe a saturday or sunday in February or March? @Vaughanw22, @brpryor22, @cqueen

I’m good in February what days work for you guys. I work from home so also a plus.

Yeah maybe mid February or so, hopefully it’ll be warmed up by then. Also, anyone playing the Lake Spanaway tournament on Saturday? 50$ 2 man scramble shotgun. Think you get a few beers and a shot of whisky with the entry? Not totally sure but there are spots open.

We could try for Saturday, February 16th? Get a tee time rolling and see how the weather shakes out?

I hadn’t heard of it, seems like a pretty good deal though. I was thinking of trying to get out but couldn’t decide what the weather wanted to do.

Yeah it’s just a two man scramble. My partner dropped so I’m looking to see if someone would be interested before I commit to it. It’s just slight chance of showers and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day so the course should be pretty gettable.

Yeah I’m down with that day. As long as it works for everyone and we can get something going.