Roll Call: South Jersey

Not sure if anyone has made one for Jersey yet, but just moved down to South Jersey (Cape May) any other NLU golf nuts in the area?? Currently play at The Shore Club

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I also made one for Philadelphia that got some South Jersey discussion. I’m still a month away from moving but looking forward to it.

Audubon here. Would love to get a game together. I can host or get down the shore. @swade is Phila area… Could do Riverwinds or Lulu if we’re going closer to city.

I’m moving there at the end of this month. I’d be down to play any time in August. :clap:t2:

Hey all you South Jersey people. Burlington NJ here. Member at Burlington CC. Would def be down for any kind of getting together and playing.


Glassboro/ Rowan University here. I’d be down

Thinking about joining Shore Club this summer. Hows the membership?

Membership is great from all of the people that I have met. Way more laid back vibe than you might see at other private courses. I’ve only been there a year but they are making a lot of changes to the courses (tree removal :+1:) and redoing the clubhouse. I’ve played a few other member courses in the area (Stone Harbor and I caddy at Union League) but I think Shore is far superior to both of them. Would be happy to take you out if you’ve never played there

Member at Stone Harbor. Live in Cape May Court House. Played a lot at Wildwood GC and still mad at the name change to The Shore Club. Was Wildwood GC since 1916! Anyway, happen to like the atmosphere, food better at SHGC. The course is a bear. The Shore Club is easier and for that reason, can be more fun as SHGC can get frustrating. Love both places and the memberships at SHGC make more sense for me. Am excited about the possibilities of what may be happening at Union League National. Word has it that they are trying to turn it into a top 100 course in the US. That remains to be seen, but I hope they can pull it off. Not that I could afford to be a member there, but I’d love to see it come to fruition.


Good News Jersey golfers. Golf is reopening starting Saturday at sunrise!

Best news!!! Can’t wait!!!

Everyone pray to St Rappeo that all golfers and park-goers behave tomorrow and this weekend, and dont mess this up for us!

Got my tee time for 8AM tomorrow for one walker, cant wait!

Ended up joining Shore Club due to some relationships I had with some of the members already there! Thank you for the advice and I do love SHGC, maybe we can get out for a round this summer.

Ended up joining Shore Club and have played a decent amount since joining in early May. Course is great, obviously sucks I can’t enjoy the social aspect yet. Maybe we can get out for round this summer over at Shore Club.

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Hi everyone, first post here. Currently living in Mays Landing and working in Burlington County and trying to play everywhere in between. Haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like to even with the courses now open! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


New to the refuge. Live in OC and a new member of Greate Bay. Been getting out alot after work. Hit me up for some home and homes


Greate Bay is fun, I usually play a few charity events there every year.

They also have a connection to GAP so you can get in some fun matches at other courses.

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Hi all!!

Started a google doc for Philly/south jersey meetups this season. Also trying to get some more “events” in these parts this year.

And possibly a match play season long bracket/tournament.

Open to any and all ideas and hope we all can #getinvolved.