Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Holler we can set up something fun in Columbia.

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I’d recommend
Caledonia 1a
True Blue 1b
River Club
Founders Club

*I haven’t played Pawleys, Founders, Blackmoor, or Litchfield. Just going with what I’ve heard about them.


Much appreciated! Had lunch at Caledonia a few years back before I got back into the game and have wanted to return ever since.

Unfortunately a sand impaction for our dog has thrown a wrench into the week. Up all night and on our second emergency vet visit. Hoping he gets flushed out and has a good system reset, the girlfriend has a good birthday, and maybe I can still get out Wednesday.

To all the dog owners. We’d never heard of a sand impaction. On a 3 hour beach day we didn’t see him eat any sand or drink any seawater, and he wasn’t playing fetch with a sandy toy either. Just licking his paws a little and sniffing around. Super scary, and something to be aware of when taking your dog to the beach.

Any columbia guys been out to northwoods lately? State Am qualifier is out there this year


Hey Guis! I’ll be traveling to Hilton Head area in July. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Looking to play Harbor town and maybe two more places. Also would any body like to meet up and play some?

Some great value options for the publics that you can usually snag a deal - Golden Bear, Dolphin Head, Hilton Head National, CC of Hilton Head.

Obviously if you can get on one of the privates you won’t be disappointed lol. Too many to name.

Let me know when you are heading down this way. I live over in Bluffton and always down to play.

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Checking in here from Charleston. Live in West Ashley (Carolina Bay), typically play/practice out at Stono Ferry. NC State grad, Duke fan. Definitely up for getting together to play around Charleston, or even day trips around the area. Typically around a 7 or 8, but play very infrequently due to work/family. Happy to be here.


used to play Stono a good bit. Welcome!

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I see Aiken Golf Club meet up 10/3/20 next to your name, is that open to whoever?

It is. There is currently a wait list but put your name on it.

So my father in law needs a 4th to play Palmetto on Saturday morning at 10AM. The problem is that I’m in Atlanta and would essentially spend 5 hours in the car to play this one round. I know it probably sounds sacrilegious, but would the trip be worth it? I talked to my dad and he made it sound like it was a good, but not incredible course. A few caveats there… He last played Palmetto maybe 20 years ago, and said it wasn’t in great condition at the time. He’s also spoiled by having played a lot of top tier courses so his opinion is a little skewed.

And before anyone asks to take my spot, my best friend lives in Columbia and would play in a heartbeat.

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I didn’t know we were so close… jokes aside, I’ve never heard a bad word about it. Might want to assure they’re not recently punched, lots of courses around here are punching now or have punched in the last couple weeks. I have not played it, but if you’re a GCA buff, it’s gotta be a go right?


Just go. No questions asked. Just go


Palmetto is incredible, i would definitely make the trip. it should be sub $100 and assuming the greens werent recently punched it will be in phenomenal shape.

It’s my number 3 course in the state only behind Ocean and Secession. It’s definitely worth the trip.

Hey everyone! New to the Refuge. Live in Blythewood at Cobblestone, member over a Ft. Jackson, work full-time with the National Guard Band, try and play once a week, currently an 11. Looking forward to meeting new folks and enjoying some walks! Thanks!


I’ve played a lot of top tier courses. Book it!

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On the way now!

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Welcome! Maybe post-'rona once the world is going again I’ll reach out. I come up to Jackson once a month for drill.

@BSHollow welcome also. Glad to see Chucktown starting to get some more folks. I’m over in MTP, play at Snee Farm. In addition to Luke’s Aiken meet-up, we’re also look-in out to a 2021 PGA Championship meet-up with Stono being one of the possible courses.