Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Hey! I was thinking about driving into Aiken next week to play as a solo. When I called the club they recommended that I actually consider arriving after 3PM because public play isn’t available on weekday mornings. This sounded weird to me – any tips?

Paging @LukeBoatright

Still need to get down and play with y’all at Snee.

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I’ll make an inquisition. I’ve never gone as a single I just call and get a tee time and have never had an issue playing in the mornings. Maybe it’s a single thing?

Looking like conditions will be a bit soggy this week…

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Definitely, if we can talk @hakimimj and one more into it we’ll have a foursome. Though they’re punching the greens today/tomorrow so we may want to wait a few weeks. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome. I’d love to get a foursome or two together at Snee. Unfortunately we are spending a few weeks in NY right now. I could do the weekend of August 8th or the 15th if that would work for you guys

I’m out for the 8th. 15th if we don’t have a 4th we could play with Luke as guest & our A player in the Sat AM game. Or I guess if we do have a 4th we still could as long as they have a handicap.

August 15th sounds good to me. Does Comish Jim allow guests in the Sat game? He runs a tight ship…

He does run it with an iron fist, at least until the single malt gets flowing while he’s doing the scoring afterwards. They’ve allowed guests before, the big part is having an actual handicap he can verify (he looks all ~40 up by hand each week- woof!).

Upstate golfers, anyone down for a local refuge meet up either Friday or Saturday Aug 7th or 8th at the Walker Course? Wanted to do this in the spring, but covid happened. It appears golf is low risk(outdoors, small amount of contact). I will be walking.


I’d potentially be down to play. I agree that hopefully golf is low risk. Plus I have been wearing a mask anytime I’m inside.


I might be able to do Saturday, but Friday would be tough that week.

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Alright Saturday August 8th Walker Course.


I’d be down for Aug. 8th at Walker for sure.

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Sounds good.

Hunters Creek in Greenwood, SC.
It’s for sale if anyone is interested.


Relocating to Charleston next weekend. My wife and I close on our house in West Ashley (next to Avondale) on Tuesday. Looking forward to meeting up with some of you fine gents!


Played Legacy Pines in Greenville two weeks ago and again today. Definitely one of my favorite courses in the Upstate, they have some of the best greens around here. Strapped prices and friendly people working the course. I think they are punching greens next week but definitely a course those in the 864 need to play this fall and when football is postponed or cancelled.