Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Guis, figured I’d post this in here since River Hills CC is technically in SC. I live in Charlotte and recently joined River Hills. I’ve met a handful of people out there just by being there, but curious to see if there’s any other members active on the Refuge.


My wife’s parents are in Matthews so I’m up there just about every other weekend. Haven’t played a single course in the area yet but sigh wistfully when we drive by quail hollow.

That’s a fun course! Not supper long but tight with good shot making opportunities.

Happy to have you out to Providence when we start allowing guests again.

Same goes for the rest of the refuge.


I joined it with my logic being it will make me a better ball striker since it is so tight. I only get to hit 4 or 5 drivers a round max, so it’s really making me work at my game. All good things!

Good to know, will give them a call.

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How was Aiken? Hoping to get down there for the next refuge meet up.

It ended up not happening. Blame @FAB7115 :joy:. Will try to get down there this summer for sure.

Both are fine from what i understand. Newer remodels of older historic building/textile factory. Drayton has thin walls from what i hear, havent heard much of Montgomery apts. Both have young crowds. Let me know if you have any other questions

I have no recollection of this … just kidding we will definitely get there.


Let me know when you could play at Holly Tree. Be nice to meet a fellow refugee in person.

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Me and @FAB7115 are usually pretty available. Play some afternoons during the week. Could do a Sunday morning too. Usually a set group on Saturday morning. Shoot me a DM and we can figure it out.

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Heading over to Murrells Inlet from Columbia for a few days. Staying at a friends condo at the International Club. Anyone know if the course is worth messing with? Or should I try and get on at True Blue? Also up for a playing partner if anyone is around. Looking at Monday or Wednesday this week.


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That too.

I coach high school football in San Diego and one of our guys is doing on extra year of prep football at Palmetto Prep Academy in Columbia. Looking to head out in late September to catch a game that lines up with our bye week (assuming we have a season). What type(s) of weather should I expect during that time?

As we get closer I’d love to set up a meetup and play a couple rounds with Refuge folks.

Late Sept? Columbia should be high 70s to mid 80s, cooler mornings.

Sounds perfect.

You could get the random 92* day but it tends to get drier by the end of the month. Hit me up as you get closer and I can help you figure out where to play in town.

Will do, thanks for the help.