Roll Call: Iowa

It was definitely soft, but away from the paths it wasn’t terribly muddy. I think each of us only needed to clean 1-2 mud balls the whole round.

And with no bunkers the snow was a fun hazard.


Blowing fake snow into the bunkers for The Butter Cow would be a Level 5 mindfuck!

Now youre giving me ideas. Think Waveland would let us paint them yellow?

Only if we snuck onto the course the night before & played dumb when asked about it the next morning.

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Now you’re giving ME ideas…


Just joined Refuge finally, any Waterlo/CF people?


I’m out in Independence, but I think there are a couple people who joined recently in the area. I’m also going to steal @Battisstatus Minnesota welcome idea and ask some very important questions.

Favorite public course in the area?
What is the best greasy spoon diner?
Go to Pizza spot?

  1. Gates Park in Waterloo
  2. Morgs Diner
  3. Doughy Joeys

This is the only thing I really cared about. I used to work right next to Morg’s and still think about their pancakes.


I am one of the aforementioned Waterloo/CF people. Also love Gates park!

I’m in Cedar Falls so I’m going to go

  1. Fox Ridge
  2. J’s Homestyle Cooking
  3. The OP

Your picks are all very good too though!


Don’t forget to sign up for Iowa’s flagship golf event of the year in DSM, The Butter Cow

s/o @Sweet_Cupn_Cake @ThatGolfPunk


Question for the DM folks- looking to possibly play golf on Sunday with the high of 52, anyone interested?

Out of town.

From Iowa city area, but I travel all over to play. Certainly down to get out with folks this summer.

@GentlemanJim Definitely interested. Thoughts on venue?

Anywhere is fine with me. I need to play a little earlier, maybe start 10-11:30, somewhere in there.

Is @ThatGolfPunk gonna come out to play?

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Yes, I am interested, but I am nit sure what is open.

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10ish at Terrace Hills?