Roll Call: Iowa

Hello everyone,

I’m a 515-er, but want to expand my horizons and maybe golf with new people around the state. I love finding diamonds in the “rough” with rural munis. Any ideas for courses that are must play or is there anyone interested in playing a course with someone new?


Fellow 515-er here. A buddy and me have knocked out just about every public course within an hour drive outside of DSM the last couple of years. Still a few we havent gotten around to yet. My two favorite “diamonds in the rough” would be Honey Creek in Boone, which has gained some popularity the last couple of years. Also, Deere Run down in Indianola is pretty great. A few quirky/fun holes that you want to play again and again.

I’m always looking for new courses as well that are not too far away. And of course always looking to play with someone new.


I am in the Quad Cities. Play mostly at the QC area courses, Iowa City courses, Saddleback in Solon, Muscatine Muni.

Less time to play now with kids but love playing new courses and would love to find some refugees to play with

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Eastern Iowa here. Live in Monticello and a member at the local 9 hole course. Play in Cedar Rapids otherwise

Going to Des Moines next week for work. Are the courses open, if so what ones should I go to?

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I am not aware of any courses that are open yet. Pretty much all of the snow is gone, but there has been a lot of flooding from the rain/snow melt. Looks like today should be the last day of rain so fingers crossed that it dries up quickly.

If I took a guess the first courses to open would likely be Waveland, Blank or Jester Park which are all city owned courses.

I’m supposed to be playing next Friday, but nothing on the books yet. Might end up having to head back to the indoor simulators which is better than nothing. If you are open to that I would check out Broheims in Waukee. Great sports bar with 5 bays using aboutGolf simulators. Jon and his brother who own the place a great guys.

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I talked to a buddy who works at Jester Park near Grimes (NW edge of Des Moines). They are hoping to open up Wednesday but will likely be cart path only/walking. The same company manages AH Blank Golf Course and it drains a lot better so it should for sure be open next week.

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Nothing is open. The snow pack just melted yesterday

The Legacy is opening up on Wednesday, and the city courses (Waveland, AH Blank, Grandview and Jester Park) are opening up on Thursday. Havent heard of anything else yet.

I have tee times for Thurs Fri and Saturday already. Pumped to finally get out and play after this brutal winter. Will most likely be very sloppy out there still.

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Hey Iowans! I travel the southern half of Iowa for work and always enjoy playing any and every course I can. I think I’ve played just about everything that isn’t private so far. Would definitely like to play with some NLU fans this Spring/Summer.

Curious what defines southern half and what one or two courses have stuck out to you since it sounds like you have played quite a few?

Pretty much Hwy-30/I-80 south. Territory has changed over the past few years and am now I-80 south. I live in Omaha, so I don’t get there every week but it will probably be 2-3 out of the month.
Courses that have stuck out:
Honey Creek in Boone
TCI in N. Des Moines
Harvester near Altoona. I heard it went private, played it maybe 3 years ago
The Preserve at Rathburn Lake - worth the drive, really enjoy playing this one every time
Bos Landen - not a huge fan of this one, condition was iffy the last couple times I played it. I know it’s popular with many
Stone Creek in Williamsburg. I remember liking this one, but it was a while ago.
Landsmeer in Orange City - I wasn’t expecting much but I really liked most holes and the condition was really nice
Coldwater Links - Always enjoyed this and probably played a half dozen times.
This is definitely more than 1 or 2 and I know there are more, I just enjoy playing new courses even the small local 9 hole ones have been fun despite the condition.

Living in Des Moines I have played just about all of those. Hopefully I will be making it down to The Preserve at Rathburn Lake this summer.

If you have made it to Williamsburg just a bit further east there are a few good courses around Iowa City. Been wanting to play Amana Colonies and Blue Top Ridge in Riverside and finally have it planned to knock them both out in a couple of weeks.

Feel free to shoot me a message when you are in the Des Moines area, would be happy to tee it up with a fellow NLUer

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Sounds good, I did play Blue Top Ridge a couple years ago. I remember liking it as well.
I’ll definitely keep you in mind next time I’m around. Cheers!

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Hail from Eastern Iowa so have played Amana and Riverside plenty and love both. No longer live in IA but love excuses to come back if NLU IA meet ups get rolling!

I grew up in Cedar Rapids, have been in DSM over 5 years now but have somehow never played either. Excited to check both of the list this month!

I like Amana but it’s very hard. There isn’t an even lie on the entire property outside the tee boxes.

Blue Top Ridge is at the top of my list to play this summer

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I love TCI, played Blue Top Ridge in high winds the only time and it was brutal. Top 5 most difficult rounds ever.

I play Waveland more than any other course in Des Moines so I am all too familiar with uneven lies.

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You aren’t lying. I have only played there twice but I liked it.
One of my favorite things about golf is trying different shots and seeing what I can pull off so I enjoy playing courses like that… Sometimes I fail miserably (and probably blame the uneven lies) but it is still fun.