Roll Call: Iowa

Burger: Lacheles
Pizza: Fongs
Steak: Just go downstairs to Proudfoot and Bird.
Small Plates and cockatils: Roca
Brat and a Boot: Hessen Haus
Just beer: Peace Tree
PBR and a grinder in your grandmas basment: High Life Lounge.
Great beer and food: Lua
Just cocktails: depending on days your here…In Confidence is hidden bar in the hotel (havent been yet but heard good things)…Hello Marjorie, Juniper Moon, Bartenders Handshake, Winchester (little drive to Valley Junction).

If none of these suit your fancy I have 20 more recs haha.


This is awesome

Love hidden bars so I’ll make that a priority

Same. This may only be open weekends though. If not youll have to give me a review…

Ding ding ding…come and get it!


@Wicket - Looking real rough tomorrow. We will still be risking it at stone creek in the AM as of right now, and then playing it by ear with amana. Hate for you to drive all the way down for a rainy 9 hole round and then nothing in the afternoon. Will try to set up another shot at this later, maybe in the fall. Perhaps with more planning we can get a bigger meet up in motion.


@RunItOut No problem! I agree, not looking too great… happy to try again some other time! Thanks for the heads up!

Looks like it is only open for the weekend so I’ll miss out.

Good reason to come back


Have 2 spots open at Fyre Lake @ 10:48am on Saturday if anyone wants to join.


From the course insta page it looks like it’s pure out there this year. They’ve done a really good job with the place.


New owner is a complete goofball but he’s got the place looking awesome. Getting out there in a couple weeks for the first time this year and can’t wait. Hard to believe the course was like $20 for unlimited play 5-6 years ago


Last time I played he came over and talked to us on the practice green and was super friendly but he’s definitely defensive of his course. As long as you don’t do anything dumb though I don’t think people will have any problems there. It’s a cool course and I’m glad someone that cares about it took over.


Yeah so about that…
College teammate of mine (idiot) flipped our cart going down the big hill on #7 couple years ago. Got some bad road rash on my hand/arm from the cartpath, and of course he walked out unscathed. Mark (owner) was super nice about it and helped me flush out my cuts before heading home. Didn’t make us pay for anything. Now his favorite cart is the one we flipped without the topper lol. He gives me crap about it every time I visit now which is fun.

It’s my favorite course in Illinois and it makes me super happy to see it succeed. Watched it change ownership 3-4 times before Mark bought it while I was in school over there. One of those courses where we always knew what it could be if the right person came in and fixed it


I saw a punk band by the name of Attacked By Badgers this weekend & the vocalist looked like @Sweet_Cupn_Cake if he had completely “gone feral” in his early 20s.


Ive had people tell me I look like xxxxx before and never agreed…this photo/description seems pretty accurate.


Played twice last weekend, can confirm it’s in great shape. Most of the troubled greens are looking really good now, rolling pretty true. Still struggle with drainage. Even after a couple weeks of very little rain the fairways were damp.


Worked at a little bit more exciting job site than usual today.


Hey everyone!
NSU roost member dropping by to invite you all to the 2023 North Star Shootout 4!

Come on up and join us for a full day of golf as we have reserved the course for the entire day and 2 NIT spots on the line. If you aren’t already signed up, come check it out!


For those on the fence about coming down to The Butter Cow…I present the logo for merch.


My faithful Iowegians, we have a poll over in the KC Roll Call concerning the Great Plains Golf Club Roost Season Championship. Please vote to see how we decide our regional roost team!

If you’ve played this hole; this is pretty damn impressive.