Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

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New to the message board, but was wondering about some good courses to play in GA. My buddies and I live in Pittsburgh, PA and are traveling down to GA in mid April to play Mclemore and Old toccoa. Was wondering if there is anything else we should play, we were thinking of going around Atlanta after Mclemore & Toccoa. Open to any suggestions! Thank you!

Just gonna drop this here

How’s Forest Hills in Augusta?


Best public option in Augusta. Excellent conditioning and a great Donald Ross lay out on the last 14 holes (Palmer group redesigned the first 4 over 15yrs ago and they aren’t as good). If you’re in the Augusta area my suggestions are always Aiken GC and Forest Hills.

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Holes 13-18 are some of the best in public golf.

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Phenominal! Its my home course. Let me know when your coming down.

My wife and are going to be playing next Thursday.

If anyone is a Member at Palmetto Golf Club and is available to tee it up next Friday. DM me, I will driving down from Metro Detroit. Look forward to connecting with a fellow Nest member or No Laying Up follower.

I am a Member, would be happy to host. What is your handicap?


Just moved to Nashville myself and getting familiar in the area. I travel around also to play - Sewanee Course is definitely worth checking out. Just past Sweetens on the way to Nashville.


How often do people Ghost you when offering to host you at their Club?

Any room for a West TN fella? Jackson specifically

Wanted to cross-share this event the @HighCottonClub is putting on in Birmingham next weekend at Highland Park… 18 holes with food/drinks before an alternate shot derby.

Check out the AL Roll Call for more info, but it’s set to be a great time! Would love to have a few more folks join us.


Stonebridge is very solid.

Have an opening at Sweetens tomorrow (4/24) text / call me if you want in. All day rate. 6158383555

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ATL here. Always ready to hit some power fades

New here - I live in Murfreesboro. Gonna be in Memphis this weekend, would love to link up with someone and get a round in

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How often do people post on message Boards chasing famously private Club invites from Strangers?

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I will be in Cartersville, GA from May16-26, looking to get a round or two in the Atlanta area this weekend. Never played in Georgia, looking for any courses to target or avoid. Appreciate all help!

Cobblestone in Acworth is your best bet nearby.

There is also the course at the resort Barnsley Gardens - not sure if you have to be staying there to play.

If you have the time to drive, an hour fifteen will get you to Old Toccoa Farm.