Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

Awesome! I have all the time in the world to drive. Work trip, so the weekends are mine to fill!

1PM Saturday booked for Cobblestone!

Have 3 open spots at Cherokee Run on Saturday morning. Join the monthly quota fun. DM me if you’re interested.

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Anyone out of Columbus, GA? I have to head there Thurs/Fri this week, looking to get a time at CC of Columbus or Green Island. Played the
Mid Am Champ at CC last year and it ate me alive, looking for late redemption!

I’m not in Columbus but you’ll only be 30 min or so away from The Fields just south of LaGrange. You should check it out. Fried Egg has a great write up on it.

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Looking to play June 4th/5th, back in Cartersville for 10 days.

I know I missed you last week, but I’m based in Columbus. If you (or anyone else) is ever down in this area, let me know. Hope you made it to CCC. I’m no longer a member but still get out there every once in a while.

Myself and 3 buddies are playing Bobby Jones GC next Friday morning, excited to check it out. Thoughts on playing both directions? Looks like Fri sets up for the Magnolia routing, so we were contemplating sneaking out early Monday morning to play the Azalea.

Was wondering if they’re different enough to be worth a return trip (the course is 5 minutes from our AirBnB so it’s not a big inconvenience to get to).

Go to the Roll Call: Atlanta and scroll back to find the talk about BJGC.

You’re in for a treat.


If you’re gonna be around Monday and have the time, definitely do so. The routings are incredibly different. And most would say Azalea is better than Magnolia

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East Lake worth playing?
Found a connection.
Toronto Atlanta flight required.

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definitely yes.

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Ok — good to hear. Just wary of airports.

Anyone playing tomorrow morning that needs a 4th? Coming in from Sweetens and my flight doesn’t leave till 7pm

I am in Dayton,TN this week for work. Looking to play this weekend. Is Dayton Golf&CC worth playing? Any must play course in Chattanooga?

Sewanee and Sweetens (you can prob find an extra pass if its during the weekday). But Sewanee would be worth as well if you in the area.

Bear Trace Harrison Bay is not to be slept on either. It’s a Nicklaus design (which isn’t well received in these parts most of the time) and is fairly demanding off the tee, but it’s a very fun routing and is a screaming deal both during the week and on the weekend.

Go play Sewanee and Sweetens if you have the time tho.


Have Bear Trace lined up for Saturday! Thanks yall!

Sewanee is a great place to play. Friendly staff and nice/easy walk, nice conditions

Heading to Jekyll Island this summer. Looking for recommendations on which course to play. It looks like there’s 3 courses on the island?…Pine Lakes, Oleander, and Indian Mound