Roll Call: Georgia/Tennessee Golfers

Looking for golfers in the Tennessee/Georgia area, specifically between Atlanta and Nashville. I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee, so both cities are about two hours away from me, and I do my best to travel around as much as possible. As a side note, feel free to post about your favorite course in any of these areas or where you play the most.

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How often do you play Sweetens?


I’m a newbie. Signed up today. I live in Nashville.

I went to school in Nashville, and we bought the Metro Parks membership our final year. Huge value; pay a bunch up front and then $3/nine, $6/eighteen. Probably put in sixty rounds at McCabe over the course of the school year.

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Gotten to play there only three times. The times I have played were awesome, really cool layout. Guy that works there was a character too, makes his own custom clubs. But loved the course, was really a cool layout. Just haven’t gotten out there enough because I’m not a huge 9 hole fan, but worked a golf camp this summer and got to go out there with some younger aged kids. Was an awesome place to let younger kids learn to play since it’s still challenging for any adult from the tips but also still fairly open but challenging for younger kids. Think it’s awesome what they’ve done with the course, really cool to see that kind of layout in the middle of Tennessee.

Visiting Nashville in late March/early April from VA. Any suggestions for courses to play 1-2 rounds at?

Well bud I’m a born and raised Nashville boy that live in ATL. If you ever want to play in the ATL area let me know - I’m a member at AAC and have friends around the city


Did the guy that works there vape a lot? If so, what flavor was he vaping? Would you consider him your spirit animal?


Three questions: 1) highlands or riverside? 2) is there a composite routing? 3) does AAC ever feel like a factory? (played there a bunch back 2000-2005 and it was always top class but v impersonal)

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1 - Rivy after the recent Highlands renovation (thought it could be better). 2 - I’d kill for a combo of Rivy back then Highlands back. I think that’d be a hell of a course. But no combo. 3 - Not sure about being a factory. If we are talking about pure club life, I think it is a lot better - granted I joined in 2013 so I don’t have a lot of back history. If we are talking about golf - yeah it is still a factory.

1.) was vaping
2.) Wanna say fruit flavor pack (can’t say I know because I’m not a vapor (vapist???))
3.) not even a little bit my spirit animal. Guy was really out there, seemed like he hadn’t left the trailer clubhouse since ‘04. Nice guy, but really proud of his work. Basically told me to my face that PXG was stealing his club designs… but seemed like a nice guy with nicely designed clubs. I could never afford anything like them being a college student, but seemed like he really enjoyed doing it.


ATL golfer. Always up for a game, especially intown.

He is out there, but in a way where you want to be exactly where he is. His views on PGX are probably true, and also in line with his view on Olympic Club in San Fran. The clubs he makes are insanely beautiful and someday I’ll own a set. Also, his putter is a thing of beauty. Check it out next time you’re there.

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I left AAC after 3 years

Riverside more fun
Cool staff, but not many members around my age.

Either 9 of Riverside with back of Highlands would be cool.

I left AAC just before the renovation but played both this summer. I thought they were going to make Highlands easier for Members? Seemed harder. Was in great shape as always.

I take it AAC had the big club feel to it? Like the members at TPC Sawgrass?

Reminds me of the summer I spent in DC - as a junior member at Congressional, or the Congo as we called it. Huge club. But they had my picture in their database and it was printed out next to my name on the teesheet when So when I walked up they acted like they knew me and the other 200 tee times that day.

(Confession, everything I said above is a lie. Ive never played at Congressional, but I heard all about the Congo. Frankly, I’m more of a Burning Tree man.)
(Never played Burning Tree either).

True. Also you’ve gotta be Billy Pratt. Miss playing with you and O’Shea out at the club buddy (btw this is Scott Wallace).

No lube, just spit.

:rofl::rofl: Scott Wallace!!! If only there were some more guys like you there I might have stayed.

I’m still around and playing once a week. Come slum it around at CCS, Manor, WC or ATL National with me. Got a good group for wolf hammer pretty much every Friday.

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I’ll definitely hit you up for a good game of wolf hammer my man.

Subscribing to this thread. Live in Nashville and always looking for guys to play with. Somewhat new to town, so still trying to get my bearings regarding all the clubs here.