Roll Call - Dallas, TX

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Citizens of the metroplex,

Couple of items…

  1. If y’all could hold off the rain this week that would be wonderful…

  2. I’ll be in town beginning tonight - Thursday evening. Would love to sneak out and play (weather permitting), grab some food, etc.

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Hey, hop in here if you want to get out with some
locals this week, drop a line in the find a tee time thread.

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Can I get a fresh discord link? New to DFW just heard about NLU and see this group maybe the way to get out and try some fresh courses

Try this

Hey guys. I’m excited to say I will be visiting Dallas (and also Texas in general) for the first time in a couple weeks. I’m visiting a buddy of mine and I’m looking for a course for us to play. I’d love y’all’s opinion on the best tracks (public as neither of us have any connections at the private tracks). An important caveat: I’m a lower single digit handicap, but my buddy is a newer player, so if a course is know for being a ball buster please let me know so I can take that into consideration.

@VanityCaptain DFW greens are a wreck now, so the list is much smaller on tracks I’d suggest. Go to Rangers if you’re okay with spending a bit of cash and want to have a cool place that’s fun for you and your buddy. Pecan Hollow, Mesquite, Buffalo Creek, and Irving are all in solid shape right now. Apparently Bear Creek is in okay shape, but you have to enjoy Airplanes.

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